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Shouldn't the Conan MMO coming out soon be on the game list?

beebobeebo Member Posts: 3
Shouldn't the Conan MMO coming out soon be on the game list?

Just a thought



  • beebobeebo Member Posts: 3
    Ok I was looking in C for Conan, thanks for filling me in

    I am excited about this warhammer40k game that's barely been announced, Can't wait for MMORPG.com to have stuff about that too

    (I am going to play phantasy star universe till it comes out, unless PSU is boring:) )

    Have a great day

  • seeyouspacec0wboyseeyouspacec0wboy Member UncommonPosts: 714
    Its Warhammer fantasy not 40k.

    unless a 40k game has been announced that i dont know about?

    Originally posted by Scagweed22
    is it the graphics? the repetativenesses? i mean what is the point? you could be so much more productive in real life
    Real life brings repetition and pointlessness too. The only thing real life offers is Great graphics. Its kinda expensive too and way to dependent on the cash shop. Totally pay to win as well. No thank you. Ill stick to my games.

  • beebobeebo Member Posts: 3
    I guess so, there is a threat on these forums about it, I have the link here.


    I certainly hope MMORPG.com gets some kind of exclusive interview to tell us more

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