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ZeppekkZeppekk Member Posts: 17
Hey, ive been registered to MMORPG.com for about 4 years, then i forgot about this place, and now ive come back, but i wanna ask:

Can you use HTML in your signature?/Are you allowed to have images in your signature?

Oh, by the way, i love this layout a lot more than the old one.

And on the topic of sigs, i would be happy to make anybody a sig, to see almost all of my work, visit my site

(it has a temporary layout, the full version will come out soon) by clicking this link www.zeppekk.evenicoulddoit.com/sigs.html



  • ZeppekkZeppekk Member Posts: 17
    Oh, nevermind, i didn't know that BBML is exactly the same as BBCode


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