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Middle Earth Online: New Dev Diary

Tim Holman, the Senior Producer for "Middle Earth Online" has written the newest dev diary covering feedback from the announced delay and what the dev team has been working on since then. You can read the diary here at the official website.


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  • FlemFlem Member UncommonPosts: 2,868

    No surprise there with the news of the extension. They all seem to do it. Pick a realistic date to start with and stick with it.

  • PaldarionPaldarion Member Posts: 39
    It would be nice for a change to have everyone/everything UNDER-powered at release and then ADD fun things as the game progresses rather than the nerf as usual mentality. 

    "Life is too short to drink bad ale."

    "Life is too short to play nerfed characters."

  • yuuzahnyuuzahn Member Posts: 32

    I think that the pressure on the developers will be good for them.. this extension will just make this game better.

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