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Looking for good PvP

lifeofagonylifeofagony Member Posts: 67
I was looking at RFO and was wander what is the PvP like. I've played wow and its pvp was kind of boring.Either instant or look for the other faction to just kill.Played DAOC great pvp or rvr they say.But looking for somthing new was wander how pvp is in this game.Cant wait for Warhammer.


  • TorlinTorlin Member UncommonPosts: 59
    From reading these boards pretty often I think that most people would tell you to look at shadowbane instead of rf online.  I haven't played it yet myself but I am thinking about it trying it this week.  Just need somthing to kill some time until AoC .
  • xersentxersent Member Posts: 613
    I would say give this game a try i think its great been playing it since it came out.. and the new episode 2 update coming soon will add lots of new stuff .. the PVP is fun.. i enjoy going off with a group of us.. to gank the other races . helping guildes with quests ect.. well worth it.

    Heres a few Videos by  Wasteomind Accretia Legend

    Advent Ascendancy Low Res:


    Advent Ascendancy High;6288168;/fileinfo.html



  • kramtkramt Member Posts: 86
    RF Online offers full time racial PvP. I think similar to Warhammer Online. You will not be able to understand other races language. Too bad there are no organized inter racial guild versus guild (GvG) yet and the intra-racial GvG is a joke. In a sense that you can organize a GvG match with other guilds and you can manipulate the outcome of a series of battles with that same guild so that both sides can benefit from each other
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