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Login problems

f_fthatf_fthat Member Posts: 1
i just redownloaded the game, and have verified my username and password. 

when i begin to login after it tries to connect a blank box pops up my only option is to click ok and go back to the log in screen.

anyone experienced this or know whats up?


  • Krazy-JKrazy-J Member Posts: 6

    Hey, im new to morpg.

    I just downloaded shadowbane and have never played before.  After a few minor problems i finally got it to work and i go to loggin and it says im not a susbscribed memeber.  As i recal shadowbane went free in 2003 so tell me, is it just me or is ther really something worng?

    Any help would be much appreceated

    Thanx a bunch


    Wuzzle Wuzz

  • bsnow16bsnow16 Member UncommonPosts: 9
    you still have to go to the ubisoft site and make an account and subscribe to shadowbane...and yes it is free
  • joeybootsjoeyboots Member UncommonPosts: 628
    I concur. it is completely free, just register an account on the ubisoft website, and use the login name and password for your ubisoft account for your in-game name and password.
  • Krazy-JKrazy-J Member Posts: 6

    Hey guys

    I have an account in both ubi and

    My account name is Cave-Chest8.  I know its not p2p but it still wont let me in it says "the account is not subscribed" yet i am logged in right now.

    Is there anything i am doing wrong, i have patches and everything my password is correct.  Plz any detail on things i should know would be great.

    Thanx for your help, J

    Wuzzle Wuzz

  • lauxeslauxes Member Posts: 88
    did you click on the add subcription, under your account info?
  • Krazy-JKrazy-J Member Posts: 6

    Thanx for your help guys and/or girls.  I sorted it all out, you were right its in the ubisoft webpage you ahve to register the game (or something lke that). 

    The only problemo now is that my computor is just too dogey to run it with full speed and good movement.

    :( thanks allot for your help though really appreciated

    Wuzzle Wuzz

  • kdalovekdalove Member Posts: 3
    Where shall i push that thing ur guys is talking about?
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