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Might be shooting for a lot here, but I love the other sites, its mainly the content bot aside from that the profiles give me something. 1up Fetures "gamer profiles" where you can show off your "rig", game collection and a lot more. Newgrounds lets people see how much you have helped around their site with "Blam and protection" points. I would like a bit more on the profiles, the main thing I see along these lines are the forum-shown things.

Stars, posts, ranks. But I would like some fancy inside my profile, mabye "what games I play" a bit of a gamers blog, something nice?


  • whitedelightwhitedelight Member Posts: 1,544
    Why not type them into your sig?


  • JoeMationJoeMation Member Posts: 9
    Because I was aiming for "the profiles are too plain" but I will take that into concideration.
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