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City of Heroes: Funny N3 'Healer' Story

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Kwip over at has posted another funny read about his experiences in City Of Heroes as a healer.  It seems he is a little worried about his current level of job security:

Yeah, yeah, I'm a bad guy, blah blah blah. But look, let's get something straight here: keeping you alive is the only value I have to the party. You know how many attacks I have? TWO. My little shock thing that's barely enough to harden the nipples of most villains, and my mighty brawl powers, which stand better odds at breaking my knuckles than of actually denting the skull of a Bone Daddy (greatest villain name in the game, btw). Sure, I could take more attack powers - but you're missing the point! I want to heal! I want to run around doing nothing more useful than keeping people alive. I accept that I will never be remembered as the Hero that took down some Big Uber Boss. If anything, I'll be the one remembered as the guy that drew Big Uber Boss on the party when you weren't ready...

You can catch the full story and the humorous comic at this page.

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  • Clever_GloveClever_Glove Member Posts: 996
    To funny, and accurate... and surprising any MMORPG would keep such an outdated class idea around.

    One day I'll be join hands with my fellow warriors, rogues, and wizards and say "Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, there's no more healing only class"

    "We're a game that's focused on grouping and on solo play, you know, more group oriented, more solo play..."
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