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need help registration?

sami4lifsami4lif Member Posts: 13

I am having a few problems when i am registaring at MU online. it says to provide them with a nickname and i done it, but it carries on saying provide them with a nickname. what do i do?



  • azazelkamiazazelkami Member Posts: 5

    Hi maybe you must check nickname maybe someone have reserved this nick.

  • sami4lifsami4lif Member Posts: 13

    But no has reserved the nickname though.

    i have tried lots of different nicknames, but it sill dont work.


    if you got msn or windows live messenger add me . my e-mail address is: [email protected]

  • k0rnkidk0rnkid Member Posts: 3
    Make sure your nickname isnt the same as your account name, otherwise it wont work...

    I encountered the same problem
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