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Rogue vs Hunter or Shaman



  • MeridionMeridion Member UncommonPosts: 1,495
    Seyt, thats what i was talking about, its not the "MAGE OWNZ ROGUE HARD!!!11" thing. You're probably playing a mage and everything i fine with you liking your class, still, a PvP specced rogue evades your  tactic by Shadowstep->Cheap Shot... He teleports right behind you without the possibility to get frozen. Naturally, a mage blinks away then, so you restealth, go prep and do that again 10 or more seconds before the mage is ready to frostnova again.

    Even if you GET frozen there are plenty of class unspecific ways to break frost-nova, trigger Cloak of Shadows and restealth. With prep, you STILL got a restealth ready after that. OR you can use deadly throw with pvp set gloves to silence and interrupt casting, OR blind very quickly, or use a grenade. Millions of ways there...

    That DOES NOT mean that an ice mage doesn't stand a chance against a rogue in 1 on 1, or VERY much more important in 2 vs. 2 battle, its just not as difficult to defeat a pvp-specced mage than a pvp-specced warlock for example, since you need THE perfect stunlock on time to not get feared and defeated.

    Again, this is with PvP-Build, with 30/0/31 or 20/0/41 für the rogue. OF COURSE you lose very very many possible options if you go into those kind of fights with a combat or mutilate build, you just didn't fight pvp-specced rogues. And comparing PvE builds is totally pointless...

    For gods f***** sake, roll the class you like, every class in this game can be very decent at PvP, even the warrior. Sure, not so much in duels, but duels are artificial and practically never happen in real combat like arena, letting alone Battleground or Open.

  • SeytSeyt Member Posts: 36

    That is ture BUT in a 2v2 or more and battlegrounds, if you can freeze a rogue for any amount of time he is screwed royally. Why you ask? because your teamates will be all over him in seconds and drop his a** like a sack of potatoes thats why. Ive caused many a death to a rogue just by freezing him my teamates swarmed over his a** and trampled him right into the ground.

    WoW addict.

  • MeridionMeridion Member UncommonPosts: 1,495
    This is also completely true, if you get frozen, even if you unstealth in a bad situation, all the guys around you will attack you. Why is that? - Because almost every PvP player hates rogues. As a rogue, you are a premium target, just because youre a rogue. Me myself - having maxed a warlock, a warrior and a mage - hated rogues in BG. The methods seem unfair and rogue-players even fortify this; because their best bet is to finish of a regging caster.

    Nevertheless, all these are sidenotes on Battleground combat, which is basically ganking, trying to overrun a smaller group where possible.

    I think I made clear though that all classes can be ruling in PvP if played and supported the right way. From the warrior to the priest, play what appeals to you most, if you wanna PvP, you can GO PvP AND rule....


    PS: Oh, and the answer to the OPs question is. A rogue can beat a hunter easily if he manages to keep the hunter close, if not, he's toast. Same applies to the shaman, if the shaman gets out of the stunlock and on ranged distance, youre toast, its REALLY all tactics and quick, adequate reaction.
  • SeytSeyt Member Posts: 36
    Yeah any character has equal chance it jsut so happens rogues are targeted before all otehr classes in arenas and battlegrounds, now i may seem real experienced with WoW but ive only had the game a month n have a lvl 29 mage, 17 pally, and 5 hunter i just started, ive been grounded for 3 weeks which is killing me and  mage,pally, and hunters are my favorite class, remember its not if you win or lose, it's how u play the game that makes it fun, if your playing jsut to try to be the best and beat everyone else, give up noone is better than everyone else in WoW it all depends on the player, his spec, class, and his attitude.

    WoW addict.

  • AntipathyAntipathy Member UncommonPosts: 1,362
    Not certain rogues are right at the top of the target list. Think that spot is reserved for holy priests. However rogues are often closer and easier to get to.
  • baphametbaphamet Member RarePosts: 3,311

    shammy's getting rolled by rogues is laughable, an evenly geared restoration shaman will crush a rogue. sure a rogue can beat a shaman but it depends on what spec the rogue and shaman is.

    a hunter on the other hand, would have a better chance to beat the shaman and the rogue in my opinion, it really just depends on your play style...all three classes are good if they are specialized correctly.

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