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  • SWGLoverSWGLover Member Posts: 539


    Am excellent Apriil Fool's joke! 

  • MordacaiMordacai Member Posts: 309

    Has a Class Action Lawsuit been filed yet for all of us with burned retinas from all the pink or do we have to wait for Monday?

    On a lighter note, My 16yo daughter may actually visit this site now.

  • Agent_X7Agent_X7 Staff WriterMember Posts: 515

    Think this is funny? Look at our XFire sigs. Apparently I like to knit, virtually.

    Agent_X7 AKA J Star
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  • CiredricCiredric Member Posts: 723
    ah...... I have been blinded.....
  • CrezaxCrezax Member UncommonPosts: 80
    Haha. I actually thought it was true, till I read the forums.
    Never scare me like that again! kthxbye

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  • bartoni33bartoni33 Member RarePosts: 2,044
    I just woke up and logged on, forgetting what day it is; Man I was pissed!

    "Just when I find a good MMO site they go and change it! WTF, is SOE/LA behind this! Why does my life suck!....Oh yeah Its april first..."

    Nice job all, what a way to start out the day. Now where are my meds...

    EDIT: LOL Xfire is doing it too! Look at my stats! Nice to see adults with stressfull jobs still have time for fun!

    Bartoni's Law definition: As an Internet discussion grows volatile, the probability of a comparison involving Donald Trump approaches 1.

  • Yea, hopefully this will all be over tomorrow
  • apocalanceapocalance Member UncommonPosts: 1,073

    Originally posted by Korusus
    I assumed it was going to be them selling themselves to like IGE or something image
    This is exactly what I thought.

    This is the first "news" type site I've hit today and I didn't realize it was April 1st until I read this post. Luckily they're not selling to IGE though! lol


  • A_N_T_IA_N_T_I Member Posts: 159
    Originally posted by Mystiqual

    WOOT!! LOOK DOWN..ALL THE WAY DOWN....You can change the theme :D YAY!!!!!! No more pink for me tyvm :D
    hey thanks man, the pink fucked me up for a bit there....

    Hello there, adventurer!

  • JowenJowen Member Posts: 326
    I am a bit concerned about the games your xfire-profile state that you are playing.
  • karlz0rkarlz0r Member Posts: 158
    Since I was up the whole day and night I fell for it

    PS! If that 15th April thing is not a joke then
  • shiloh33shiloh33 Member Posts: 17

    I'm a woman, but all this pink is driving me crazy.  Flowers and hearts do not go well with MMO's. 

    As soon as I saw the part about shifting to the female aspect of gaming, I knew it was a joke.  We are still very much a minority in the MMORPG world, unfortunately. 

    Nice April Fool's, though.  Reminds me of the one Wizards.com did last year with the "My Little Pony Roleplaying Game."  Sad thing is my 7-yr-old daughter was actually excited by the prospect...

    Well, time to go switch the color scheme back to normal before I go insane. 




  • qwestyqwesty Member Posts: 5

    Hiya ^.^

    All you have to do guys, is scroll down to the bottom of the website page and select from the theme  selection . Its up to  you how you  want to view  your page .  There are four choices So more more pink , your eye balls are saved.  For me I am keep the pages pink, just for today its driving my sons nuts lol

  • delikatzdelikatz Member Posts: 3
    Well, as "on of the 5 girls" who visit this site, had this not been a bad joke i too would have been disappointed and disgusted. Just to let you "guys" know, not all girls like pink, flowery foofoo stuff, i for one can't stand the color. Ok that's this "girls" side of thing....Later.
  • tunabuntunabun Member UncommonPosts: 666

    This actually brings up a good point, why not have multi skins?  I`m not the biggest fan of pink, but after looking at gloomy dark navy blue for so long I actually welcome the change.  So, as it seems they have the ability to skin the whole site on a whim and still have the original, why not have say ten color and style themes to pick from?  Or better yet, give us a little toolset to customize the look ourselves, an MMORPG sandbox, well of the website variety. 

    Sorry, the evil game designer in me. ^^

    - Burying Threads Since 1979 -

  • TaeraTaera Community ManagerMember CommonPosts: 1,078

    MMOViewpoints understands the concerns and thoughts of our users.  If you wish to revert to "ugly guy mode," this is possible using the "Theme" tab on the bottom of our site.

    Laura "Taera" Genender
    Community Manager

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