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Wow... or just plain dissapointing

EmpyreEmpyre Member Posts: 46
this is my take... i'm not looking to get into a fight with some faithful wow players... i've enjoyed the game however i think they failed us in a couple big ways...

first big failing from my perspective is the clan system.. There really is no need for a clan in the game why because your part of a faction... one big clan... and there's no real power struggle... there's no infaction fighting for a clan to actually thrive... honestly whats the best clan on your server? and is that because of their level their gear or just the amount of people they have... theres no way for a clan to truly become the best because there's too many players on each faction to actually recognize a specific group of say 100 to 200... the clan system is just so you can get a title under your name... think about it you could get help with quests and get equipment cheap and get groups easily even without a clan system in wow... they set it up that way... so it feels like the whole clan system was simply put in the game to appease RPG diehards...

Second big failing would have to be character diversification... no matter what race of what faction you are you have almost the exact same abilities and powers as anyother mage, preist or whatever you are. No offense that's boring... now wow didn't leave us completely high and dry... with talent points theres some diversification... but not nearly as much as some of us would prefer...

and lastly, gear... in my opinion mmorpgs should not be almost solely based on gear... and alot of the pvp is based on gear... instead of the character diversification that should be determing pvp...

Believe me  i think wow took mmorpgs  up a step.. it was amazing when it came out... and as time has passed people have realized what they don't like about it... and if it weren't for wow there wouldn't be the room for improvement there is now... however, i am very very excited about mmorpgs to come... and how amazing they will be by expanding on WoW...

and once again this is just my take if you don't like it then don't read it... and please let's keep this somewhat mature and not start throwing names around just because you think anyone who doesn't think wow is god should be flamed...


  • VolkmarVolkmar Member UncommonPosts: 2,501

    I disagree on clans.

    Go ask to anybody seriously interested in end game raiding, pvp or even serious instancing and ask them how fun it is to do them in PUG. Guilds are good for that, they give you organization, people you can play with numerous time and a place to call home.

    This without going in the whole RP discussion.

    Sure, WoW's guild system is nothing spectacular, but you NEED a guild in wow. if you want to go somewhere at least

    And yes, people DO recognize top guilds. their name become famous because they are well organized, because they are elitists bastards, because they treat their members well or for thousands other reasons.

    Character Customization: i think WoW does a better job at this than all of its predecessor in the same genre of theme parks. You have much more variety than in DAoC, EQ or even EQ2. And the classes at least play completely different from each other.

    About Gear: yeah, WoW is very gear dependant, you are right on that.

    So, in the end I think WoW evolved the genre and made it so many companies realized MMorpgs can actualyl be hugely profitable, if done well. Let's hope they get the "if done well" part together with the "hugely profitable".

    "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime"

  • EmpyreEmpyre Member Posts: 46
    Originally posted by Volkmar

    So, in the end I think WoW evolved the genre and made it so many companies realized MMorpgs can actualyl be hugely profitable, if done well. Let's hope they get the "if done well" part together with the "hugely profitable".
    i'd completely agree on this...

    maybe i haven't played enough end game stuff to appreciate WoW.... but i do still feel like the clan system could be much better, i mean there's no real power struggle what do you get for being a good clan, no castles to fight for, or anything like that... and the economy of the game is terrible... never have i seen so many over priced lvl 10 daggers.. honestly who pays 2 gold at lvl 10 for something your going to replace in a few lvls... and the character diversification isn't terrible like i've stated before... it's just not amazing like it could be...

    and i think we have many interesting mmos coming out soon... hopefully they learned from wow and went even further in the design, i truly hope they don't backtrack on us. but when WoW came out i believe it was a masterpiece... if only that last expansion could have done a little more for us. the one think i will say for wow is it set the bar higher for others to come.
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