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Breath of Fire

breath of fire is a pretty cool game.  it was about a dragon kid named ryu and he goes around and meets princess nina who is the princess of  people with wings in whyndam.(not sure if thats how you spell it).  it was a cool series they made 4 of them.  they tried to be different and made dragon quarter but that game wasnt all that great.  i think it would make a pretty cool mmo.  you could be like a dragon guy like ryu or a winged person like nina or some of the other races they have. idk but it would be a good mmo in my opinion if they did it right.  any thoughts?


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    Originally posted by LordSlater

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    Ive been thinking about BoF as an MMO a few years ago, mainly based on BoF 3 since most people agree its the best, and its Dragon morph system is the most applicable i'd say.

    Problem is, there are interesting races, like Wyndians (the winged people), Plainsrunners (all the animal people) and of course The Brood (the dragon people). But apart from the already massive advantage of the Wyndians over regular people due to their Wings, the Brood goes even further. In all BoF titles the Brood is a force able to destroy the World, and making them playable would probably end in either unbalancing things (especially population wise) or in a meager version of the brood with nearly no powers, and maybe dragon puppy morph at the max.

    Since BoF is kinda similar in execution to Zelda and Final Fantasy (recurring main character that always is different, but basically similar quests, settings, factions, like Zelda, but also same magic, deities, and lots of other familiarities like Final Fantasy) it could be made into an MMO like FFXI, but i still cant see the Brood playable unless a major lore screwover happens (the Brood are traditionally rather rare, and the other races arent exactly friendly, because they fear their power (while they have the power to destroy the World, in all BoF games there was at least half or more of the Brood that wouldnt intend to ever do anything like that, and were on the good side).

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