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XeratixXeratix Member Posts: 130
GUYs im in a huge hurry!


If i put the language on my account in german, and go on say Bealgun

is it the same realm if i put it on english ad go on Bealgun?


  • cupertinocupertino Member Posts: 1,094
    You can select ANY and play on any of the EU realms, login and "select server", then use the tabs at the bottom of the server list to select "english" "german" "spanish" etc.


  • VolkmarVolkmar Member UncommonPosts: 2,501

    As far as i know, Realm names are unique inside a regional area. IE: in the EU region, there is 1 Baelgun server and it is in German language.

    There is no other Baelgun.

    There might be a Baelgun in the NA region and one in the Asian region, but in the EU, there is 1 Baelgun :D



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