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Rf online, hows it like?

lanthirelanthire Member Posts: 73
I'd like to know from someone in this forum how the game is like , other than just looking at the website. i might play it


  • SunriderSunrider Member UncommonPosts: 527

    Its a typical asian mmo-grindfest. You can go from levels 1-30 in the matter of 1-2days and then you hit a brick wall from 30+. The only innovative thing to RF that i enjoyed was the chip wars. They were fun, but the races were NOT balanced at all which is why they merged all the servers into one in order to help correct this. Unfortunatly the other reason they merged servers was because the population of the game was on the mass-decline.

    The combat is borring and repetitve and if you wish to kill anyone your level you better have more potions then they do. No skill is required to play this game the only thing that holds you back is the money required to constantly invest into potions to keep yourself alive on the battlefield.

    All the monsters and creeps are the same for every area with a new color. You have to grind out "PT"'s which allow you greater skill at using different armors/weapons. If you want to be a warrior but use ranger armor because it has better elemental resistance then you need to use ranged weapons. As a warrior you wont have any ranged weapons skills aside from the basic making the pt grind long and teidious.

    All in all the pvp is the best aspect of the game aside from the constant potion poping. It is fast paced and temporary alliances are forged between 2 races to beat a 3rd, but these alliances are often mixed with deceit, lies and backstabbing, its just a question as to who will turn on who first.

    "And after blizzard takes over the world, they are gonna gather a bunch of lemmings, sit on their fat asses near a cliff, and watch the little fuzzy bastards suicide dive into the ground below. . . . . all just for their own entertainment."

  • BhazirBhazir Member Posts: 321

    So all in one the potions spamming is still there and the unbalance as well. Thought about returning to the game after giving it some time to balance things a bit better. Guess I'll have to wait a bit more then.

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  • MidavegMidaveg Member Posts: 296
    I tried the trial and can say... the game is visually appealing with dull environment. Chip wars is fun but its all about gathering, attack, fall back, guard, attack, camp, grief... i would suggest EvE Online for the real fun minus robots and mechs.

    All canceled. Waiting on Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning.

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