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Categories of mmorgps..for the future.

RabidWerWolfRabidWerWolf Member Posts: 571

As the mmorpg genre grows, there will, hopefully, be more diverse mmorpgs to play. Categorizing the games into, and this is just an example, fantasy, space or futuristic, action or leveling mmorpgs, classic, western and so on. There may not be enough games now to do this, but I think it is something might consider in the near future.

This would help to navigate thru the different mmorpgs especially as more and more are developed. I know that there are even some western mmorpgs in the rumor mill along with some more set in the future or in the present day. Categorizing these games will help noobies and veterans that visit your site navigate and find the game they would enjoy.

Just a though and an opinion.::::40::

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  • TaskyZZTaskyZZ Member Posts: 1,476

    Maybe whether or not they have mission instancing should be annotated in the descriptions.

    Many of the games coming out in the near future have some sort of instancing so you get to play a missions with just your group. Guild Wars, WoW (I think), and UX:O to name a few...

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