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Window layout problems.

Krazy-JKrazy-J Member Posts: 6
Hey dudes.

I have a little problem, i just started playing shadowbane and im really liking it but whats giving me the absolute shits is the windows in game.  I cant seem to move them, they pop up (for when you join a group) but then i cant drag them around like i would hope to be able too.  Is this just a feature in the game or do i need a mod or is it just me and my retarded computor :)

Any help would be great, thanx allot


Wuzzle Wuzz


  • lauxeslauxes Member Posts: 88
    shift + left mouse click , problem solved
  • Krazy-JKrazy-J Member Posts: 6

    Thanx loads dude.

    Now that i have my layout all sorted.  A new question arises.

    I started on a non-player made city (in vindiction i think) and i cant get off the island, how can i get off....heheheh get off. my bad


    once again any help would be awesome.


    Wuzzle Wuzz

  • jdkskipjdkskip Member UncommonPosts: 120
    Talk to one of the NPCs around a Tree of Life (Big tree in middle of a village). it's better to stay on noob island til at least level 20.
  • lauxeslauxes Member Posts: 88
    talk to the runemaster,  ask her where else can i go, then say how do i leave island then repledge, when you get a guild player made, never repledge, always teleport to another city. only repledge if you decide you want to leave that guild
  • Krazy-JKrazy-J Member Posts: 6


    You guys are so helpfull :)

    Last time i talked to the npc there were only a few city villiages on the island itself, but i will try this new technieque and get back to you.

    New question, sorry guys.  If i repledge to a new guild does that automatically mean i'm in? or do they have to accept me as their own? if either of you guys are on vindiction then could u help me out with my leveling and general knowledge :).

    Info bout me. i live in Australia. My char is a iealeisadsa....the red dues with no shirt on :D sorry not so good with names, and my in game char is Called Blunk Shaded.

    thanx again J

    Wuzzle Wuzz

  • lauxeslauxes Member Posts: 88

    if you repledge it will likely be an open player made city, lots of pvp.. you can press W and it brings up a who list , sometimes ppl have recruiting by there name, send one a do that type /tell and that persons name.. talk to him about joining . if they let you in then you are part of that guild, you should never repldge if you do join not unless you want to join another guild..

    as for me i play on mourning server

    cant help you with your lvling or templetes for character builds..  hope this helps you

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