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I loved this game

AmaraoAmarao Member UncommonPosts: 650
I played this game for about a year a long time ago.

It was diablo with good PvP and vehicles, many classes, skills, weapons.

Point is, it was an awesome game.

BUT, as it turns out, I checked the international site not to long ago and they re did it all and it looks great....except the game is dead. It actually just doesnt work, and apparently its been like that for a while.

The worst part is that the game apparently went crazy with hackers and was pretty much shut down because the creators are some stupids shits.

HOW HARD IS IT, to get one dam guy that speaks english so he can stop the hackers, but no, they would rather engrish the shit out of it and make sure that no one has an understanding of the language, very sad for asians.

Either way, i hope they bring this game back up and soon, without hacks.

BTW, no one post a link of the jap to english conversion site, im not gonna go through all that and ONLY be able to play slayer becuz the game devs suck ass.


  • yarodgyarodg Member Posts: 1
    Well i played this game for few years , when international version was crowded by hackers we moved out to thailand version (with english patch) and later to china (free to play) or japan (f2p and p2p items) if you still wanna play it visit for more info about free servers of this game with lots of updates you probobly wasnt able to see on international. This game still 0wn any other : )
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