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Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning: Preview Videos!



  • tarsustarsus Member Posts: 13
    Originally posted by checkthis500

    Originally posted by tarsus

    Originally posted by rATIx

    So they should run around their opponent and jump at the same time to make it look more like pvp?
    Your sarcasm is brilliant.  Oh wait, except for the fact that real combat is more exciting than this video is.  Have you ever watched fencing or kendo?  The only time they don't move a lot is when they are out of range.  I've never seen any battle where two people just stand on the same squarefoot and hope their hits hit and their opponents miss.  Given they are using axes instead of swords, but it still looks like a zoomed in RTS instead of an MMO.  I'm not asking for them to be jumping around like TFC or something, but at least some sidestepping, and forward and reverse swings.  But like I said, they have time and hopefully they'll use it wisely.

    Edit:  That video from the article posted was a lot better even if it was just a few seconds.  I'd still like to see two melee people go at it and see how it looks though.  It seemed like the he only moved because the other guy ran lol.

    Unless you're watching a movie, fencers stay in the same roughly 3 or 4 square feet.  Also in kendo, you wouldn't move too much either unless you're in a choreographed movie.  You'd leave yourself too vulnerable.  The main movements are swinging and changes of stance. 

    When you fence you barely even move your arm.  It's all in the wrist and forearm. 

    There are also positional attacks in the game, so I think sidestepping and strafing will be more seen down the road. 3 or 4 square feet isn't the same 1 square foot now is it?  They sidestep, lunge, and fallback not stand still and swing.  Also I've taken kendo for 4 years.  You do move a lot.  Almost every strike requires  you move forward or backward.  The only time you don't move a lot, like I said before is when you're out of range for a strike and you're either waiting for the opponent to create a suki or you're trying to cause a suki.  One of the most important parts of kendo is zanshin, a followthrough of your attack.  A lot of the power in kendo is from your legs, not your arms.
  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182
    Originally posted by outthislife


    Of course the combat is a bit iffy right now. It's ALPHA; use some common sense will you?


    WAR is all about PvP. That's it's game, how can it not be hardcore?


    Congratulations, I now know your opinion. However you don't need to state it as it WILL be because that's just your opinion. To make a less ass out of yourself, add an "imo" or something along the lines of that.

    Unless, you really are a dumb ass.
    Hardcore and PVP are two completely diffrent terms.
  • Franx13Franx13 Member Posts: 4
    No one can make fun of this game or compare it to WoW. We all know blizzard took the original idea of an MMORPG from Warhammer with their original idea and made it into a joke ( and no i dont mean GW invented MMO's). Now as everyone has said it is in the pre-alpha stages, we all know how earily that is. If anyone remembers Guild Wars even though it was a crappy game, the alpha stages were completely different from the beta, even the beta had alot less than released version did. Now I know that this game doesn't look great right now, but i have a feeling that Mythic will pull something out of their ass by the time this is released by the end of this year. This game is gonna blow all other MMO's out of the water. Oh, one more thing, BLIZZARD BLOWS!
  • roadwarriorsroadwarriors Member Posts: 218

    This from women who drinks forties? Who drinks numbers

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  • JetrpgJetrpg Member UncommonPosts: 2,347
    Nice ... very nice.

    HEHE , I like them ... i can not help feeling they are fixing what what DAOC lacked , nice enviorments , but killing what DAOC had high textured models and small objects (which to this day look 100 times better then wows). ... Will have to see hwo they work ingame.

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  • MoNuMeNMoNuMeN Member Posts: 104

    Would y'all just shut the fuck up? it's 8 months left until the game is released (or something like that.) Beta haven't even started yet, don't whine about the graphics!! Go play WoW and leave us grown men discuss this imba game at peace, bye!

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