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help rs be a better game than it already is!

rsrockerrsrocker Member Posts: 6's an idea>post your ideas for a better rs an then if i am right with my guess....if they have to look at these posts thewy wil add or take away these aspects of the game>do not make fun of me cuz if u do it shows u are a lowlife scumbag!with no friends or anything in that aspect of life..i may only be 11 but i know this much:p

i am a perfectly normal person...unless u count the fact i plan to rule the world!mwahahaha!><>><>><>><>><>


  • rsrockerrsrocker Member Posts: 6
    i have played rs for a year or 2 and i know how good it is...ur makin fun of me becuz u are lonely or somthin like that....godd ur an idiot!

    i am a perfectly normal person...unless u count the fact i plan to rule the world!mwahahaha!><>><>><>><>><>

  • tomosistomosis Member Posts: 52
    If anyone makes fun of you, they are idiots, but you also make fun of other people, that makes you stupid too, doesn't it?
    When RS was a good game?
    L2W if you want to look cool...
    What's the point of your polls?
    I'm not making fun of you, because you are a child and in grown-up world you can't curse or make fun of a child if he does something stupid.


  • gemquistgemquist Member Posts: 5
    Agreed.. not only does runescape have cheesey outdated graphics, and repetitive actions more so than most other mmos, but its filled with immature little kids.

    The only reason runescape is so popular is because its free, and kids without the cash to buy decent computers, or pay for games by credit card can play easily.

    I'll admit, I played runescape for awhile with some friends.... but the game got repetitive and boring. To add to that, anyone who has membership and has trouble getting ANYTHING in the game is pathetic. All RS moneymaking is, is time. In RS, time=money. The more hours you clock in doing the same thing over and over again, the more cash you get. Take running ess for instance. You run ess to nat or law rune crafters all day, and you become rich easily.

    You're better off playing progress quest.   Google it if you don't know what it is.

    In my opinion, while WoW is a great game, its just a gameplay, and graphically superior version of RS with more story.

    But at least WoW can keep me from falling asleep every half an hour.

    For the record, I'm 17. I played RS on and off from 9-13 (I mean ON and OFF.... there was no period of obsession)


  • PraetorianiPraetoriani Member Posts: 1,147
    Please refrain from calling people lowlife scumbags before they even had a chance to post. We don't tolerate flaming at - but please refrain from flaming potential flamers too. Thanks!
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