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Release date?

GendarkGendark Member UncommonPosts: 100

any info on release date ? can be this summer july-august ?

Gendark Knight of darkness


  • TiberiuxTiberiux Member Posts: 90

    The company policy is not to release the game until they beleive it's ready.

    Early prediction was 3rd quarter this year. Don't hold your breath.

    Once the public beta starts, then you can make an approximate guess of +3-4 months after public beta starts.

    Any release date you hear on the net is pure speculation. Keep checking www.guildwars.com for a real release date.


    Evil-Killa(ToA) aka Tiberiux

  • GhostRaptorGhostRaptor Member Posts: 35

    The official release "window" is 2nd half 2004.

    Beta is expected to begin within 6 months (possibly less than that) of E3, barring unforeseen delays. Beta is expected to last 3-4 months.

  • simsloshsimslosh Member Posts: 30

    I've been hearing many different things, that it may be released in July or August, or maybe October. I have also been hearing that they will release it when they are ready. We'll just have to wait and see:)



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  • NetbarrageNetbarrage Member Posts: 4
    I dont know when its ready but 1 thing i do know.... I want the game, and im going to buy it when they release it.....
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