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what do you think about "twinks"?



  • vypyrvypyr Member Posts: 3
    Originally posted by crusher143

    But Iam 100% sure, the twinkers would cry then the loudest cause they would have to play only vs. other twinkers, no easy kills anymore. I would bet most twinkers would quit then.
    you couldnt be any more wrong. clearly you havent actually read or paid any attention whatsoever to what anyone who plays a twink says. yes there are twinks out there that like having easy kills and will leave a bg when they are actually challenged. but about 75% of people who do twink dont have that mindset. they like playing other twinks for the challenge of it. some twink guilds even have a 'dont attack lowbies unless they attack you first' policy. go over to the wow forums and look at posts from other twinks. you will see that most of them welcome this gear matching idea so they can play against people of a similar level as them

    i dont have all the time in the world to play this game. ive been playing it for over a year and my main is 48. i recently created a twink shammy and have had more fun playing this game with this character than i have in the last 12 months doing anything else. no grinding, no stupid quests, just fast paced and competitive fun. for the time i do get to play wow, this is what i want and twinking gives me that. twinking is easy to do and everyone has the ability to do it. new players experiencing wsg for the first time at 19 are not even going to realise what a twink is and will be at a disadvantage regardless due to their inexperience, not because they are up against twinks. also, chances are that they will have a bunch of twinks on their side anyway. this evens up the score in almost all games

    the immature twinks get off on 'pwnz0ring n00bs' and all that crap, but the majority do prefer a challenge. just because you dont like twinks yourself doesnt mean that all of them are lamers that are looking for the easy win. and whether you like us or not, there is a large large number of twinks in the game and it is a subculture that blizzard both likes and it fascinted by. we arent going anywhere
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