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What is your class

d_sk12d_sk12 Member Posts: 130

Im a Human/Mage lvl 4 so far..

what class you guys


Theres an evil monkey in my closet hes gone BANANA'S!!
help me!


  • saniceksanicek Member UncommonPosts: 368



    ... retired.

    Whatever class you are, keep one thing in mind, use monthly fee payments. The sad realization will come one day and you dont wanna that to be a few days after the 6 months payment went.

    Subscribtions: EVE, SWTOR WOW, WAR, DDO, VG, AOC, COV, FFXI, GW, RFO, Aion
    +plenty of F2P, betas, trials

    Female Dwarf player: WOW, VG, WAR, DDO
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  • kaskuskaskus Member Posts: 105
    i prefer getting druids for a high damage dealing  class..totally awesome!!
  • Jo-GamerJo-Gamer Member Posts: 120
    I'm a warrior 29, I've focus'd on the protection talents because I'm a tank at heart.  I really enjoy my class.
  • KnightblastKnightblast Member Posts: 1,798
    Statistically, hunters are around 25% of the game's rolled characters, game-wide, so by far and away the most popular class.
  • nimativitlumnimativitlum Member Posts: 48
    i better go priest because that my new character...i have tried mage, rogue, 2 warriors, druid, and a hunter.
  • sl4y3r6363sl4y3r6363 Member Posts: 81

    my main 2 chars are lvl 30 pally and lvl 46 warlock

  • AntipathyAntipathy Member UncommonPosts: 1,362
    Human Priest 60 (Holy)

    Undead Warlock 52 (Affliction)

    Tauren Druid 46 (Resto)

    NE Hunter 41 (BM)

    Orc Warrior 41 (prot)

    Troll Rogue 40 (com/ass)

    Undead Mage 34 (fire)

    Dwarf Paladin 16 (retribution)

    Tauren Shaman 8


    Currently only the hunter and paladin are active. I may start a Draenei shaman as well.
  • apocalanceapocalance Member UncommonPosts: 1,073

    64 paladin human pvp (holy)
    60 warlock human pve (affliction)
    44 hunter night elf pvp (n/a - haven't played in a while)
    42 paladin human pve (protection)
    40 warrior night elf pvp (n/a - haven't played in a while)
    35 shaman tauren pvp (elemental)
    35 shaman orc pvp (enhancement)
    34 druid night elf pvp (feral)
    28 shaman draenei pve (enhancement)

    I'd have to say that I'm having the most fun with my 42 prot paladin. I haven't played my horde shaman in a really long time, but the orc was my favorite. I have that same fun with the draenei, but again, having more fun with the prot paladin. Warlock is kind of on the shelf at the moment, until I need money, then I'll quest in the outlands and get some gold.. pass it on to whichever character of mine needs it.. on that server.


  • QdancerQdancer Member Posts: 17

    Gnome Mage 60

    Undead Warlock 65

    Troll Rogue 60

    Gnome Warlock 17

    Night Elf Hunter 38

    Night Elf Warrior 28

    Human Priest 42

    BloodElf paladin 20

    .... Retired of the game.

    Actually today i activated my account again. Not sure what to do because last time i stopped because of many reasons.

    I activated my account again (1 month) for mostly talking to friends ingame. Maybe i start a shaman/druid. Not sure because iam playing Lord of the Rings online beta also and i really love it.

    So far i mostly enjoyed my Mage for Sure.

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