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WoW Addiction?



  • VolkmarVolkmar Member UncommonPosts: 2,501
    Originally posted by Wakunahum

    My point is about the % rate of being becoming addicted.

    Take 100 random people and make them smoke for 3 months.  95%+ would be addicted (wether physical or mental).  These 100 people would struggle to stop smoking because it's an addiction.

    Take 100 random people and have them play warcraft for 3 months.  There would be substantially less who felt a compulsion to play the game.  Some will like the game and some won't.  Some will think about it all the time and some won't let it cross their minds until they do play.  Some would continue to play after the 3 month test period while others would walk away from the game and play something else or do something else.

    While some of these warcaft players might struggle to stop playing, most wouldn't struggle like the smoking group.  The smokers would have a terribly hard time not smoking.  Most would be fine day to day without warcraft while smokers would not be fine day to day with no cigs.


    True true, tobacco is also physically addicting.

    but my point is... if it does happens, it is still really really hard to get off the hook so to speak.

    you might not have the physical effects of an addiction caused by materials, but your mind is more than capable to keep you hostage to yourself.

    People can become addicted to all sorts of things. Computer, tv, Sex, gambling... maybe these are better example than the smoking one.

    "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime"

  • laffncrylaffncry Member Posts: 92
    I would just like to point out that addiction in smoking is different from addiction on WOW. But anyway, in my view addiction is not like a disease you acquire but rather a state where you get used to doing such things everyday. That when you don't would make you feel uneasy and have no other choice but to give in to the urge.
  • DeathAngel34DeathAngel34 Member Posts: 28

    I must confess.... i have a problem with it if im not playing it i want to skip school to play it at home but its getting out of hand we must act!

    i suggest we destroy the power plants of the world. thus comps wont work and we wont have the urge to play it since there is no power! and we will have to resort to ....... Reading!!!.....I know it sounds crazy but it just my keep our minds of  WoW and we might gain our lives back!

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