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Can anyone Help reccomend me a fun and not childish(maplestory T.T) mmorpg?

I cant play P2p games though and might consider MU online.

any tips about MU? or suggestions on new mmorpgs please


  • OgrelinOgrelin Member Posts: 636
  • skradakaskradaka Member Posts: 1
    hmm... let's look at it:

    unrealistic phisics
    ohsogreat goth-looking armour
    and weapon
    weak system

    and you call this 'not childish'?

    you won't find what you're looking for. i am trying to do so for few last years. there are some s-f mmorpgs for older community like noecron and so but i personally don't like s-f and it's your choice to check that. waiting for darkfall online - still stupid and pretty childish but since it's phisics seems to be really good i'll try to don't care about visuals and all that magic stuff. about fantasy mmorpgs try vurm online. it's kinda slow but pretty much for adult community since there's really few teenagers and all is really pushed into economy. minus says it's java.

    commercialism is present everywhere around. 'not childish' games are for minorities. you'll learn c, graphics and protocols basics before you find game that have been designed for minorities.
  • dafuzzledafuzzle Member Posts: 160
    Ever tried Guild Wars.  Great game!  I played it for a while but then i had to restart my computer and i just so happened to lose the CD that was needed to install it so i couldn't play it again.  But guildwars is definatly worth a shot for a good mmorpg.
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