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i need a game, a relly good game..

ive been trying to find a good game for like the past month or so, and nothing is intresting to me, overall the game just needs to be fun, somewat easy i guess, with decent graphics and LOADS OF PVP, like mojor large scale battles or just alot of smaller battles

games ive alredy played and got bored of due to no good pvp fun or just played for to long lol

Conquer online - awesome pvp

space cowboys- kik ass pvp, just not enough to do

silkroads- rely nice, some pvp, extremely slow

flyff-i havent tried pvp yet, decent but so slow leveling and im always poor ><

rappelz - great game, but not much pvp while i was playing, or if thers any still

gunz- fun.. but gets boring after a while nothing new to it

ragnarok - boooring

eudemons - rely fast leveling, but crappy skills and pvp system, that sword slash destroys u before u can hit back ><

last chaos - ehh i didnt get to far, i havent seen any pvp at all

corum - complete let down ><

u guys know of thing out there that can top conquer online in its mass fun-ness and guildwar every saturday night? or space cowboys massive slaughter battles?


  • dafuzzledafuzzle Member Posts: 160

    so its pvp you like aye,  well i havent tried this game but perhaps its worth a try to try out Scions of fate.  I was suprised you found Ragnarok boring though, i loved that game for the time i played it, lvl 78 sader  but since you said you like pvp i guess RO isnt for you.  but yea you should try out scions of fate.  from what ive heard it has good pvp

    PS  Im having the same problem your having

  • Kyu69Kyu69 Member Posts: 5
    Im kind of having the same problem as well. Ive been playing GW alot, but its starting to bore me. I started playing SoF last week, and am currently level 13. The only problem is how expensive the stuff is at low levels. I had barely enough for just my starter level 10 gear! But overall, the game seems nice. If you'd like to add me, either one of you, my IGN is "Tehpromenslol"
  • MMVINNMMVINN Member Posts: 2
    lol, i took up Scions of Fate for probly a week now, im now currently lev 26 swordie

    so far its a great game, it has a nice pvp system once u get past lev 35...

    but there crafting system rely does suck... its like 100% sucess to +2 weapons, but to get to +3 its drops like straight to 50% and even lower for +4 ><

    same with putting gems into ur equiptment, that one dude failed 24 times in a row trying to get some gems in his stuff ><

    if they dont make this crafting a bit easier.. there gonna loose ALOT of players, because its gonna b a loong time untill alredy enchanted items go into circulation in the market im thinking

    btw my ingame name is VINN
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