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Isnt MU already out?!?!

My freind has told me about playing MU online but i dont think he has the beta, so does any1 hav any ideas on that?



  • MeipMeip Member Posts: 21
    I played MU beta about 6 months ago and I think its still beta... But now its just a game hacking practice feild.  Korean version is retail tho

  • volarthvolarth Member Posts: 1
    I've played the Taiwanese version of MU for close to a year now... it's retail. The game's latest few patches included "cloud city" and blood castle beside your typical additional equips and skills.

  • IphicratesIphicrates Member Posts: 56
    image Ya Mu is out in Korean I think, but for most I think it is in beta. Well, maybe Korean version is in Beta too. Oh well. I still love beta because u don't usually have to worry about payingimage

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    Mu online

    Vampires Online?


  • MushroomGuyMushroomGuy Member Posts: 29

    Isn't Cloud City Icarus?

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