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class guides and some for both the new races

kaskuskaskus Member Posts: 105
Here are some class guides and some for both the new races:

Blood Elf Leveling Guide

Blood Elf Leveling Guide

Leveling a Blood Elf in Eversong Woods and The Ghostlands can be fun and fast or frustrating and slow. If you equip yourself with the knowledge of which quests to do and when to do them, you'll find that the process is quick and easy. You can literally start leveling all the classes you want to level 20 in only 10 hours (maybe 11 hours your first time through).

To hit level 20 in this time you'll have to 'power level'. Power leveling is not your typical game play. Instead of reading quests, chatting it up in groups and exploring cities you use foresight, consistency and careful execution of every action to reach levels quick. However, you can still use the below guide in casual play, it just might take you 12-14 hours instead of 10-11. Keep in mind it takes most people 24-40 hours to level their first character to 20.

Levels 1-5

You should be able to reach level 5 in about 30 minutes (26 is my personal best). Don't take other people's advice and 'just do the quests'. Know what quests you're going to do, how you're going to do them, and where you're losing most of your time. The Blood Elf area can be an overwhelming place to level quickly if you aren't prepared. Fortunately, the first set of quests can be done in a nice circle around Sunstrider Island.

Below I present you an exclusive preview of Skewter's Blood Elf leveling guide. It focuses on leveling a Blood Elf Paladin from 1-20 in < 10 hours. It is currently the definitive source for power leveling in this area.

Here are the steps you'll want to take, in exact order with friendly quest maps.

Sunstrider Island #1

@1 Accept, @6 complete and @1 turn in [Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle]

@1 Accept and complete [Paladin Training]

@1 Accept [Unfortunate Measures]

@1 Accept and complete [Well Watcher @1 Solanian]

@1 Accept [The Shrine of Dath'Remar]

@1 Accept [Solanian's Belongings]

@1 Jump down to accept [A Fistful of Slivers]

@1 Run west and accept [Thirst Unending]

* Complete [A Fistful of Slivers] & [Thirst Unending]

@2 Complete [Unfortunate Measures]

@3 Complete [Shrine of Dath'Remar]

@4 Pickup Scroll of Scourge Magic

@5 Pickup Solanian's Scrying Orb

@6 Pickup Solanian's Journal

@1 Turn in all 5 quests and head to the Paladin trainer for new skills.

Sunstrider Island #2

@1 Turn in [Report to Lantahn Perilons] - accept and @2 complete [Aggression]

@1 Accept, @3 complete [Felendren the Banished] and @1 turn it in

@1 Accept [Aiding the Outrunners]

You should have found a Tainted Arcane Sliver, accept [Tainted Arcane Sliver] and turn it in @4

@4 Turn in [Tainted Arcane Sliver]

@5 Turn in [Aiding the Outrunners]

Draenei Leveling Guide

Draenei Leveling Guide

The Draenei race is a spectacular addition to World of Warcraft. You'll start off in Ammen Vale, and if you're not prepared, you might find yourself wandering around wondering who you were supposed to inoculate in [Inoculation] or what you're supposed to dispense into the lake during [Healing The Lake]. Either way I recommend a Draenei female, as they're sure to entertain you with their odd physique and awkwardly placed tail (what do you do with that thing?).

The primary Draenei racial is 'Gift of Naaru' a weak healing over time spell that is sure to make you wonder, when do I use this thing? Starting off, I found myself confused in a few spots so I made this leveling guide. It'll help you fly through the first 6 levels of your new Draenei Shaman. If 6 levels isn't enough, check out Brian Kopp's 1-70 Guide, which includes with a 1-20 Draenei Shaman Leveling Guide.

Ammen Vale #1

@1 Accept [You Survived!]

@2 Turn in [You Survived!] and accept [Replenishing the Healing Crystals]

@3 Complete [Replenishing the Healing Crystals]

@2 Accept [Botanist Taerix]

* Accept [Volatile Mutations] (on the north west side of the crash site)

* Accept and Complete [Urgent Delivery!] (inside the crash site)

* Accept [Rescue the Survivors] and complete your class quest

* Accept [Spare Parts] and [Inoculation] (south side of crash site)

@4 Complete [Volatile Mutations] and [Rescue the Survivors!]

@5 Complete [Spare Parts] and [Inoculation]

* Return to the Crash Site and turn in [Spare Parts], [Inoculation], [Volatile Mutations] and [Rescue the Survivors]

Ammen Vale #2

@1 Accept [What Must Be Done...], [Botanical Legwork] and [The Missing Scout]

@2 Complete [Botanical Legwork] (pick flowers) and [What Must Be Done...] (kill flowers)

@1 Turn in [What Must Be Done...] and [Botanical Legwork] and accept [Healing The Lake]

@3 Complete [Healing The Lake]

@4 Complete [The Missing Scout] then accept and complete [The Blood Elves]

* You'll then receive [The Blood Elf Spy] complete it @5

* The Blood Elf Spy will drop an item that starts [Blood Elf Plans]

* Return to #1 and turn in all 4 quests in your quest log.

* Accept [Travel to Azure Watch] and .. well, travel there.

Rogue Leveling Guide

Rogue Leveling Guide - Assassination, Combat, Subtlety

General Information

Rogues are a considered a High DPS (Damage Per Second) class. The best way to level a rogue is to focus on caster mobs (squishies) that have low armor and low health. These will be the best mob types to grind on and you should always focus on finding an area full of caster mobs if possible.

Sword Vs Daggers

There’s a constant heated debate in the World of Warcraft forums about which weapons are the best for leveling as well as what builds. While generally speaking, swords are supposedly better for leveling, I think it’s just because most people are lazy and have no skill. After reading this article you will see how it is possible to level with daggers and swords efficiently.

Swords, Maces, Fists

The common rogue leveling build is typically used with swords, maces, or other non-dagger weapons. It focuses on using sinister strikes for generating combo points and hitting hard with eviscerates to finish mobs off. Swords are not an affective burst DPS build but they can be deadly in PvP when combined with a stunlock build. To use swords or maces all you need to do is target a mob and spam sinister strike until you can eviscerate. Later on you will get talents like blade furry, which will allow you to take on two mobs at once without much of a problem. Here is what you should focus on getting for talents as you level.

10-11: Improved Sinister Strike 2/2

12-16: Malice 5/5

17-19: Improved Eviscerate 3/3

20-21: Ruthlessness 2/3

22-26: Lethality 5/5

27: Relentless Strikes 1/1

28-29: Ruthlessness 2/2

30: You can continue down the Assination tree, build up the combat tree, or retalent into the combat tree so that you go all the way down to Blade Furry. At this point you will have an idea of how you want to play your class and can follow one of the rogue cookie cutter builds.


Not many people choose a dagger build to level because they don’t know how to do it efficiently. A lot will try to run in like you have a combat build, which is inefficient. The best way to level with daggers is through the subtlety tree. You will rely on high burst damage to open the fight and then finish the mobs life off by spamming sinister strike. Getting camouflage and improved ambush are key to this setup. What you will do is use camouflage, ambush, finish mob off and repeat process. Camouflage allows you to move faster in stealth and makes your cool down 5 seconds shorter so you won’t be slow going from mob to mob while grinding.

10-14: Opportunity 5/5

15-19: Camouflage 5/5

20-22: Improved Ambush 3/3

23-27: Malice 5/5

28: Based off your playing style you can either continue down the subtlety tree, or head into the assassination tree. You will know at this point what grinding build works best for you.


Rogues can be an extremely fun and competitive class to play. I wouldn’t plan on getting into groups easy with this class so be prepared to solo. There is a surplus of this class on most servers and group space is limited. I play my rogue for PvP because they are extremely good at it. Talent builds make and break a rogue because they are not innately good like some of the other classes. Without the right talent build and play style, a rogue is useless.

Druid Leveling Guide

Druid Leveling Guide - Balance, Feral Combat, Restoration

General Information

Druids are considered a jack-of-all-trades. They can heal, tank, and put out a good chunk of DPS depending on what form they take as well as their gears setups. Most druids carry 3 sets of gear with the appropriate stats for the function they will be taking. The most common path chosen to level on is the path of the feral druid. I will discuss how you could perhaps use the other builds to level.

Balance Druid

This tree focuses on casting, specifically, harmful spells only. You will get improvements to your nukes and all kinds of fun stuff. The most common druid you will find using this build is what they call the “moonfire spammer n00b”. Moonfire spamming n00bs are hated across all servers. This type of druid does nothing but chase after you spamming their instant cast moonfire spell until either he runs out of mana or you die. It doesn’t take too much skill. Here is a build you can start off with to begin leveling with this tree.

10-14: Starlight Wrath 5/5

15-16: Focused Starlight 2/2

17-18: Improved Moonfire 2/2

19: Control of Nature 1/3

20: Insect Swarm 1/1

21-22: Nature’s Reach 2/2

23: Control of Nature 2/3

24: Control of Nature 3/3

25-29: Vengeance 5/5

30: Work your way toward moonkin form putting in the talents as you see fit.

Restoration Druid

There isn’t much help you can do in leveling here unless you plan on doing a lot of grouping. I will go over an instance build you can use to start off with that will make you most wanted in groups. Most druids who raid frequently at max level are required by high-end guilds to put their talents heavily into the restoration tree.

10-14: Improved Mark of the Wild 5/5

15-19: Naturalist 5/5

20-22: Intensity 3/3

23: The rest is pretty simple, just follow along on the path of things that help you heal better.

Feral Combat Druid

This is the most widely chosen path for druids who wish to level and do PVP. Druids are given a bear form and cat form. The bear form resembles that of a warrior. Some of the abilities and concept of it are the same. You will want strength and stamina gear to raise your attack power and hit points to get the most out of this form. The cat form is just like playing a rogue, most of the abilities you will be able to relate to if you have played a rogue at all. You will want to focus on agility / stamina gear for cat form.

10-14: Ferocity 5/5

15-17: Thick Hide 3/3

18-19: Brutal Impact 2/2

20-22: Sharpened Claws 3/3

23: Feral Charge 1/1

24: Feral Swiftness 1/2

25-27: Predatory Strikes 3/3

28-29: Primal Fury 2/2

You can opt to finish Feral Swiftness earlier if you like to travel faster. From here on just continue adding to talents that enhance the druid while in bear or cat form. Furor isn’t a bad ability to invest 5 points in to later down the road, it’s located in the Restoration Tree.


Druids can be a fun class to play in PVP. Unlike other classes, you always have the option to change drastically how you play. A rogue is still a rogue no matter how you slice it, but you can be a rogue one day and then a warrior the next!

Hunter Leveling Guide

Hunter Leveling Guide - Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, Survival

General Information

The Hunter class is thought to be by many the easiest class to level in the game, not counting levels 1-10 where you won’t have a pet to tank for you. Hunters can control beasts with a variety of abilities, shoot ranged weapons from quite a distance, or use there other abilities to totally annihilate both players and non-player characters in the game. The best route for leveling is through beast mastery, but I will go over all of the trees incase you decide to be different.


Survival tree is typically used for exactly what it says in its name, surviving. Most hunters who want to be beneficial to 5 man groups will choose survival because it gives bonuses to their traps and other things to help them crowd control, melee dps, and even TANK (for a little bit)!

10-12: Hawk Eye 3/3

13-14: Savage Strikes 2/2

15-17: Improved Wing Clip 3/3

18-19: Deflection 2/5

20: Deterrence 1/1

21-22: Clever Traps 2/2

23-24: Survivalist 2/5

25-27: Surefooted 3/3

28-29: Survivalist 4/5

30: Counterattack 1/1

31-33: Killer Instinct 3/3

34: You get the point, just keep increasing things that immobilize the target, increase your melee DPS, or help you survive longer. You can take the trap path up if you’d like instead, it depends on play style.


Regarded as the best PVP tree of them all and by far the highest DPS a hunter will achieve from ranged distance, the Marksmanship Tree is a force to be reckoned with. You will be able to increase your critical hits, attack power, and all sorts of other cool bonuses to your ranged attacks. I don’t recommend going into this build for leveling unless you can control your aggro because your pet won’t be able to hold aggro off of you.

10-14: Lethal Shots 5/5

15-19: Improved Concussion Shot 5/5

20: Aimed Shot 1/1

21-22: Go for the Throat 2/2

23-24: Rapid Killing 2/2

25-29: Mortal Shots 5/5

30: Obvious again where it’s going. Just remember down the tree more, Trueshot Aura is your friend until you get decent gear.

Beast Mastery

Finally, the best tree to specialize in if you want to level to the max with almost no down time and regardless of what gear you have on your hunter. Most people will say, “I’m going to get a tanking pet because I’m a beast mastery” ß This is very bad advice. The first talents you put into the Beast Mastery Tree increase your pets health and armor, this means that a non-tank pet has now just become capable of tanking mobs without problem. There is no reason you need to get a tanking pet because they cause a significant amount less damage and since your hunter is already low on damage from doing beast mastery you can see how it might be slow if you take that bad advice. I recommend you get one of the highest DPS pets in the game: Cats, Raptors, or Ravagers. When I use this build my pet is oftentimes out dps’ing me in battle 2.5 : 1.

10-14: Endurance Training 5/5

15-17: Thick Hide 3/3

18-19: Improved Revive Pet 2/2

20: Bestial Swiftness 1/1

At this point you have all the tanking abilities to make your DPS pet capable of taking some damage. If you want to balance the DPS out between your pet and the hunter, you may want to consider starting the climb into the marksman tree. If you’d like your pet to cause most of the damage for a large portion of the game then continue on:

21-24: Unleashed Fury 4/5

25-29: Ferocity 5/5

30-31: Bestial Discipline 2/2

32: Intimidation 1/5

33: Unleashed Fury 5/5

34: Improved Aspect of the Hawk 1/1

35: Frenzy 1/5

36: Work your way down with Frenzy, all the way down to The Beast Within. This is the easiest way to level (after you get your pet),

Hunter Macros

This is the only macro you will need to level. This macro will target the nearest enemy, send your pet in to attack, mark the target, and then begin auto shot for you. If you’re lazy then you really want to setup this macro.

#show Auto Shot

/targetenemy [noharm]

/stopmacro [noharm]


/cast Hunter's Mark




Hunter’s are one of the most fun classes to play, but unlike rogues they are misunderstood in groups. People think they need other classes, even though, hunters are fully capable of crowd control, AoE Damage, High Ranged DPS (Doesn’t need heals), and much more. I wouldn’t plan on getting a group easily with a hunter because there are so many noobies playing hunters that groups tend to avoid taking their chances on getting someone who knows how to play the class.

Paladin Leveling Guide

Paladin Leveling Guide - Holy, Retribution, Protection

General Information

Paladins can be one of the hardest classes to kill. They traditionally don’t put out a lot of DPS, can’t heal groups very well, aren’t bad at tanking, but with the recent talent tree changes it should be interesting to see if any of this changes. Paladins require +healing gear in order to heal efficiently with heavy focus in the holy tree. Tankadins are Paladins who have chosen the protection tree and have things such as armor bonuses and better tanking abilities. Retribution Paladins have been known to put out a bit of DPS with the right talent structure and are considered to be the best soloing tree to use. Typically you will want to use a shield with a good 1hand in the early levels if you are having difficulties dying while using a 2handed weapon.


Not typically used to solo level fast, but very efficient for groups and against undead NPCs. The Holy tree has a few talents that focus on healing and increased damage. Since this is a leveling guide we will focus on using the holy tree to help you level.

10-14: Divine Strength 5/5

15-19: Improved Seal of Righteousness 5/5

20-21: Improved Lay on Hands 2/2

22-26: Spiritual Focus 5/5

27-29: Illumination 3/5

30: Divine Favor 1/1

31: Sanctified Light 1/3

32: Finish sanctified light and continue placing talent points into things that increase holy damage. Holy Shock is a great talent to pickup on the way.


This tree is not much for damage, but is very good at being defensive. This is where you would typically spend most of your points if you were going to be a main tank for instances. Paladins have a hard time living at lower levels. That’s where this tree comes in.

10-14: Improved Devotion Aura 5/5

15-17: Precision 3/3

18-19: Guardian’s Favor 2/2

20: Blessing of Kings 1/1

21-24: Toughness 4/5

25-27: Improved Hammer of Justice 3/3

28: Toughness 5/5

There are very few offensive talents in this tree. Finish them off when they become available and keep placing points into defensive talents that will directly affect the character.


This is considered the fastest tree to use for leveling and soloing. It has the highest DPS output you can get with a paladin (without burning through your mana). The route I like focuses on reducing mana costs for your judgments and cool downs so they are more ready for you to use.

10-14: Benediction 5/5

15-16: Improved Judgment 2/2

17-19: Improved Seal of the Crusader 3/3

20-24: Conviction 5/5

25-26: Improved Retribution Aura 2/2

27-29: Crusade 3/3

30: Two-Handed Weapon Specialization 1/3

This build focuses on a mix of judgments and melee DPS with a 2handed weapon. Continue to place points into talents that will improve the abilities you are most commonly using at this level.


Paladins are a very powerful class at higher levels but extremely slow to start off. They are hard to kill in PvP. There’s a saying that used to go around “Never fight a Paladin unless you have to; they won’t die, and by the time you get them close to dying they will either bubble hearth or one of their friends will show up” They can heal very well with healing gear, tank very well with tanking gear, or do some decent DPS; it depend show you play the class.

Priest Leveling Guide

Priest Leveling Guide - Shadow, Holy, Discipline

General Information

Priests have mainly two different paths you can choose to play efficiently, unless you have really good gear. You can either specialize in holy/disc for instance and main healer in groups or you can specialize in shadow for single target DPS and even group healing with Vampiric Embrace, but not enough to be the main healer usually. A Shadowpriest is typicially feared in PvP by a lot of classes. You will notice if you can play a Shadowpriest semi-efficiently that you won’t have to worry about getting killed on a PvP server by anyone around your level. Shadow is definitely the best way to go if you’re going to be soloing.


There are some good talents inside this tree that you could grab while you are soloing, but this is very a very ineffective way to level by yourself. You’d want to try to group if possible.

10-14: Wand Specialization 5/5

15-16: Improved Power Word: Fortitude 2/2

17-19: Improved Power World: Shield 3/3

20: Inner Focus 1/1

21-23: Meditation 3/3

24: Martyrdom 1/2

25-29: Mental Agility 5/5

30: Divine Spirit 1/1

31-32: Improved Divine Spirit 2/2

33: Make sure you get Force of Will. I don’t know if I’d go passed Force of will. You may want to consider building up another talent tree.


There are a few priest spells that cause some damage, such as, Smite and Holy fire, but you will still be slow to level. It is possible to get by with a Holy Spec but usually you want a friend to help you quest and level when you’re not in instance groups.

10-14: Holy Specialization 5/5

15-19: Divine Fury 5/5

20: Holy Nova 1/1

21-22: Healing Focus 2/2

23-24: Blessed Recovery 2/3

25-26: Searing Light 2/2

2728: Holy Reach 2/2

Basically your damage spells are Smite, Holy Fire, and Holy Nova. When mobs are low on health or you wish to preserve mana use your wand.


Shadow is by far considered the greatest for PvP and for PvE. You can solo mobs with little or no downtime very effectively with this build using it’s various taps and DoT’s while fearing and wanding mobs down to nothing. Spirit tap provides excellent mana regen by doubling your spirit after exp yielding kills, making it harder for you to run low on mana.

10-14: Spirit Tap 5/5

15-16: Improved Shadow Word: Pain 2/2

17-19: Blackout 3/5

20: Mind Flay 1/1

21-24: Improved Mind Blast 4/5

25-26: Shadow Reach 2/2

27: Improved Mind Blast 5/5

28-29: Shadow Weaving 2/5

30: Vampiric Embrace 1/1

31-32: Improved Vampric Embrace 2/2

33-34: Focused Mind 2/3

35: Darkness 1/5

Continue filling out Darkness, Shadow Weaving, Focused Mind. Get Shadowform when available, then work your way toward Vampiric Touch which is well worth it. Simple strategy is: Mind Blast, Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Blast, Wand or Mind Blast, Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Blast, Fear, Mind Flay, Mind Blast, Mind Flay


You can either be the greatest healer in the game or one of the best PvP classes. It depends what you want to do in the end game. As far as leveling, you won’t have any problems going Shadowpriest. It’s not as fast as a hunter, but definitely is up there among some of the fastest classes.

Warrior Leveling Guide

Warrior Leveling Guide - Fury, Arms, Protection

General Information

The Warrior class is an incredibly dynamic class who has been endowed with 3 vastly different play styles to include Fury, Arms and Protection. With the release of The Burning Crusade, the distinction is made even more clear with some significant 40 point talents. However, we won't worry about these while we focus on leveling.

While leveling a warrior you will want to maximize dps, wear high armored gear, and carry food with you when grinding. I strongly recommend going Fury to do all of these. However I will outline all three trees to provide you with the choice.


The Arms talent tree is typically complimented with a slow 2 handed weapon, the type of weapon is a long lasting debate that in my opinion is somewhat irrelevant. If you can get a strong 2h weapon, take it and spec for it, it is that simple.

It is very difficult to pass by Cruelty for any warrior worried about dps. So our first 5 points will go into that.

10-14: Cruelty 5/5

15-17: Heroic Strike 3/3

18-19: Improved Rend 2/3

20-21: Improved Charge 2/2

22: Improved Rend 3/3

23-24: Deflection 2/5

25-26: Improved Overpower 2/2

27-29: Deep Wounds 3/3

30-31: Impale 2/2

Our goal is to get to Mortal Strike for burst damage, some people might consider respeccing and dropping Cruelty to get there 5 levels faster. I leave this to you. Either way I recommend 5/5 Two Handed Weapon Specialization, 1/1 Sweeping Strike, 5/5 Improved Weapons Specialization for whatever your weapon you're using, and 2/2 Weapon Mastery before Mortal Strike will open up for level 45 (or 40 if you dropped Cruelty).


The Fury talent tree focuses on increasing dps and is typically complemented by a duel wielding warrior (often abbreviated DW). From the start you will want to focus on some key talents before reaching level 20 when you can begin duel wielding:

10-14: Cruelty 5/5

15-19: Unbridled Wrath 5/5

Next it is my personal preference to grab Piercing Howl, it is very helpful when escaping sticky situations in PvE and PvP. You can, however, skip it as long as you like.

20: Piercing Howl 1/1

21-25: Improved Battle Shout 5/5

26-30: Duel Wield Spec 5/5

31: Deathwish 1/1

Next you'll want to focus on getting Flurry as soon as possible, so put the next 5 points into Enrage, the next 3 into Flurry, the next into Bloodthirt and finally finish with 2 more points in Flurry. You now have a lot of freedom to go after things like improved charge or focus on improved berserker stance.


Going protection to level if not the most efficient way to level. However, I've meet a lot of people who truly enjoy tanking early instances like Scarlet Monastery. If this is your cup of tea, here is how to do it.

I have a hard time passing up Cruelty for its extra threat generation, even through to level 15 as a tank. As with the Arms spec, feel free to drop Cruelty at any time.

10-14: Cruelty 5/5

15-19: Anticipation 5/5

20-24: Shield Specialization 5/5

25-29: Toughness 5/5

30-32: Defiance 3/3

33-35: Improved Sunder Armor 3/3

Your goal as a tank is to get Vitality and Devastate as quickly as possible. To do so quickly you may want to drop Cruelty for another day. Put points into the following, Concussive Blow, Improved Sheild Block, Improved Revenge 2/3 and One-Handed Weapon Specialization to open up Sheild Slam (if you want it). You may also avoid Sheild Slam and focus on other things like Focused Rage and Shield Mastery.

Mage Leveling Guide

Mage Leveling Guide - Frost, Fire, Arcane

General Information

Mages are considered an important tool in groups for crowd control and AoE. They come self-prepared; they can summon their own water and food and pass it out to the groups. There AoE damage can be sufficient enough to level off of or you can use other these for single target damage. There is really no “best” leveling build, it depends on how you like to play so I will cover all of the trees.


The master blaster of instant Area of Effect spells focusing on increasing your arcane explosion, wand damage, and damage output will allow you to excel as an Arcane Mage.

I would recommend pulling as many as 8 melee (non-caster) mobs to you about 2 levels lower and using your frost nova and arcane explosion to AoE them all to the ground. You will burn out your mana fast but you can drink water you summon and you will get 8 kills at the same time, depending on how many at a time you can handle.

10-14: Improved Arcane Missiles 5/5

15-16: Wand Specialization 2/2

17-19: Arcane Concentration 3/5

20-22: Arcane Impact 3/3

23: Arcane Fortitude 1/1

24: Arcane Concentration 4/5

25-27: Arcane Meditation 3/3

28: Arcane Concentration 5/5

29: Improved Mana Shield 1/2

30: Your choice here, depending on what path you choose and what skills you are having the most fun with. Continue to increase the damage output or damage avoiding abilities like blink. Slow is a definite must for some seriously good PvP action later on.


This talent tree focuses not so much on AoE as the Arcane Tree but on a lot of single target burst and damage per hit. This is considered to be the ultimate tree for PvP when using cooldown abilities with instant cast fire spells because it can cause a lot of damage in a very short period of time. It has some use for leveling but you will mostly be focusing on pulling one mob at a time, blasting it away, and pulling again until you run out of mana.

10-14: Impact 5/5

15-16: Flame Throwing 2/2

17-19: Improved Fire Blast 3/3

20: Pyroblast 1/1

21-22: Incinerate 2/2

23-24: Ignite 2/5

25-27: Master of Elements 3/3

28-29: Improved Scorch 2/3

30: Blast Wave 1/1

From here you will know which talents you are using the most to level and be able to place talents in the right areas. Combustion is a very important talent to get in this tree.


Frost mages are considered one of the hardest mages to kill. They have abilities like ice block which will make you immune for 10 seconds to all damage. Mix that with their frost spells having a slowing effect on you and it will be hard to catch one of these mages. This is a very good PvE and soloing tree to place emphasis in and you will definitely be rewarded for doing so.

10-12: Elemental Precision 3/3

13-14: Frost Warding 2/2

15-16: Improved Frost Nova 2/2

17-19: Ice Shards 3/5

20: Cold Snap 1/1

21-23: Piercing Ice 3/3

24: Ice Shards 4/5

25-26: Arctic Reach 2/2

27: Ice Shards 5/5

28-29: Shatter 2/5

30: Ice Block

At this point you will know which Ice Talents you are using to level and which you can benefit from. After getting ice block you are almost impossible to kill. Use it after a blink to help wait out the cooldown of it, or use it when you get aggro and your group needs time to kill the mobs hitting you. Ice Barrier and Summon Water Elemental are key talents in this tree. The Water Elemental has the ability to frost nova making it that much more easier for Mages to escape in mid combat.


Mages are a fun class to play as long as you aren’t playing on a server full of rogues. They are most welcome in groups and put out a very good amount of range DPS, crowd control, and have the ability to survive from AoE, unlike some other classes. You will never have to worry about taking a blimp again because they can port to all the major cities.

Warlock Leveling Guide

Warlock Leveling Guide - Affliction, Demonology, Destruction

General Information

Probably the most feared class to end up against in a 1v1 PvP fight is a Warlock. If you forget about chain fear, their high damage over time spells, and potential to get an insane amount of hit points you are still left with their Felguard (against level 50 plus warlocks). The Felguard is the most dangerous pet in the game. It’s basically like a mini-warrior, it will intercept stun, cleave, put out a lot of DPS, and is able to tank extremely difficult mobs. Demonology is probably the best leveling build but I will cover all of the sections.


Ever start a fight with a Warlock, end up running away, and think you’re safe when you’re out of sight? Then you notice you have 2-4 more icons added to your buff window and your health is falling fast. You try to bandage in between ticks, use potions, and even eat food when you leave combat, but none of it seems to be working. This was the working of a warlock heavily talented in Affliction. Even on my rogue I’ve beaten these Warlocks down easily only to have me die from DoTs shortly after they do and then they soulstone back in and mock me. Here is what I’d use to level.

10-14: Improved Corruption 5/5

15-16: Improved Life Tap 2/2

17-18: Soul Siphon 2/2

19: Improved Drain Soul 1/2

20-21: Improved Curse of Agony 2/2

22: Improved Drain Soul 2/2

23-24: Fel Concentration 2/5

25-26: Grim Reach 2/2

27-29: Empowered Corruption 3/3

30: Siphon Life

You will know where to place your talents in the Affliction tree at this level and what’s working for you and what’s not. Contagion and Unstable Affliction are some of the talents you want to make sure you get.


The Destruction talent tree focuses mostly on increasing your single target damage spells. I’ve seen Warlocks crit really hard with Shadowbolt so there are definitely benefits to using this ability in PvP. In PvE, the mobs you are fighting will be taken down so fast that you won’t have to fear kite as much. Here is what I’d do.

10-14: Improved Shadow Bolt 5/5

14-19: Bane 5/5

20: Shadowburn 1/1

21-24: Devastation 4/5

25-26: Destructive Reach 2/2

27-28: Intensity 2/2

29: Devastation 5/5

30: Ruin 1/1

Continue increasing your ability to cause high damage with your single target spells and adding in any of the talents that could help you land those spells on the way. Conflagrate and Shadowfury are important talents to get.


Enhancing your Warlock’s pet is considered to generally be the best way to level. The Demonology tree gives you the option to increase the health, damage, and abilities of your pets. Instead of relying on just yourself completely, upgrading through this tree will allow you to balance the total DPS output so that enemies won’t just be able to ignore your pet.

10-11: Improved Healthstone 2/2

12-14: Demonic Embrace 3/5

15-16: Improved Health Funnel 2/2

17-19: Improved Voidwalker 3/5

20: Fel Domination 1/1

21-23: Fel Stamina 3/3

24: Improved Voidwalker 4/5

25-26: Master Summoner 2/2

27-29: Unholy Power 3/5

30: Demonic Sacrifice 1/1

Keep increasing your pets abilities and work your way toward Summon Felguard, I promise you won’t be upset when you make it to the end result. With Felguard you will be deadly in PvP and PvE, unless you just plain suck.


When you think of Warlock, think Felguard. After it was added in the Burning Crusade talent patch, there’s no longer any need to do anything else. I’m sure you can make some awesome talent builds not using Demonology, but why? Who wouldn’t want a cool pet that runs around killing stuff for you? I’d rather be lazy then creative.

Shaman Leveling Guide

Shaman Leveling Guide - Elemental, Enhancement, Restoration

General Information

Shamans now have the ability to heal very well in groups if they spec through the restoration tree. There are very few advantages to leveling through the restoration tree and because we are focusing on leveling, I will exclude them from this guide. Between the two trees left, Elemental and Enhancement, there is really no bonus in leveling to either; it depends on how you like to play. If you like to melee then choose Enhancement, if you like to cast then use Elemental. I prefer to melee so I like to use Enhancement.

Elemental (totem master)

10-14: Concussion 5/5

15-17: Call of Flame 3/3

18-19: Earth’s Grasp 2/2

20-24: Call of Thunder 5/5

25-26: Improved Fire Totem 2/2

27-29: Elemental Devastation 3/3

30: Elemental Fury 1/1

You will know which totems to focus on and what talents based off how leveling has been for you thus far. Totem of Wraith is well worth getting if you make it that far into the tree. I’ve seen shamans win battles in PvP with nothing bust just totems. I’ve seen them take down mobs AoE with them like they were a mage. Totem Shamans are unstoppable but extremely weak if they don’t have their totems up. So be careful when you’re traveling and be ready to set totems as fast as possible.


I enjoy playing melee classes the most. I am not a big fan of casters because I don’t like it when I run out of mana. I oftentimes feel that if I am full health then I should be able to continue fighting, which isn’t the case for some casters. So you think nothing of Enhancement shamans and regard them as useless when acting as a DPS Class. Well, I have news for you! My enhancement shaman tops the damage meters in almost every group I’ve been in. I commonly out DPS rogues, hunters, and pretty much everyone else. Lately no class has been able to out damage me in a group and I group a lot.. I have a Damage Meter add-on I continuously watch and believe me when I say melee shamans can be a really sufficient source of DPS, a tank, or a backup healer when needed. The most important thing in groups is their ability to use an ankh, which resurrects them back after dying at a time when they choose. They can help recover wipes by ankhing and resurrecting your group. You really want to focus on windfury and dual wield weapons as quick as possible.

10-14: Ancestral Knowledge 5/5

15-19: Thundering Strikes 5/5

20-21: Enhancing Totems 2/2

22-24: Improved Lightning Shield 3/3

25-29: Flurry 5/5

30-31: Improved Weapon Totems 2/2

From here keep increasing things that help you hit harder, faster, and crit more. Work toward Dual Wield. If you want to use a 2hander before you go dual wield instead of a 1 hand weapon and shield then get the 2 handed weapon specialization earlier instead of an improved lightning shield rank. Absolutely make sure you get Shamanistic Rage. You will have no problems at all owning the DPS meters with this setup.


Shamans are a unique and fun class to play. You can go from healer, to DPS, to Totem AoE master just by redoing your talents. Focus on getting Strength/Agility gear in enhancement and I think that is where you will have the most fun. I enjoyed every level of my shaman because I didn’t waste talent points and I hope this guide helps you decide what to choose.


  • AntipathyAntipathy Member UncommonPosts: 1,362
    Looks like a pretty good guide, although I'd like to quibble on a few points:

    Priest - discipline. No priest I'm aware of uses an entirely discipline based build. It's more commonly used to enhance mana efficiency of a holy or shadow based build. A key talent is Divine Spirit, which allows you to boost the spirit stat of yourself and your allies. Any priest using the holy tree for levelling should also put a few points in discipline.

    Hunter - survival. From what I understand survival builds are currently pretty rare, since they sacrifice dps, which is an important part of a hunter's role in either pvp or pve. They are definitely not needed for a hunter to contribute effectively to a group, and a hunter shouldn't plan on off-tanking even with such a build (pets, trapping and kiting are all more effective ways to keep the clothies safe). However some hunter's do use them for survivability in PvP and I've heard that for some of the new level 70 heroic instances some hunters have started partially speccing survival in order to reduce trap resists and extend trap durations.

    Shaman - your shaman may be able to tank. I don't know I've never met him. However the world is full of shamen who think they can tank but can't. They end up being nothing but mana soaks for the healer. Please don't encourage them.
  • kaskuskaskus Member Posts: 105
    thanks, and you may add some additional info about this...it's not because of just giving some reputations on me but giving some advices, guides, help to my fellow new gamer in world of warcraft...anybody can also give their violent reactions and suggestions regarding my guide..and if you think, you may do so......
  • ferofaxferofax Member Posts: 82
    ...pretty cool guide. i might be able to actually use some of this, although i do agree with that hunter and dps thing... survivability is good, but too much and it just hampers your other skills by eating points. still, pretty solid guide. =P

    be a sweetheart, help me dominate the world...

  • rydenstriferydenstrife Member Posts: 20
    In order for Improved Divine Spirit to be truely effective you need to stack +spirit gear, without it you'll only get a 5-10 +dmg bonus making it a waste of two talent points.  Shadowpriest no longer are has powerful as they use to be in pvp, instead of getting better pvp talents, people asked for a bunch of useless raiding talents.  Why not spend the extra point in disicpline for power infusion?  Mental Agility > Imp PW:S, it's like 100 more dmg absorbtion(GG).  Max out Martydom, it's pointless unless maxed.  Vampric Touch is useless unless your in a instance, mob should last like 10 secs, that's like 200 mana maybe.   Most mobs are immune to stun end game so don't expect blackout to be usefull there.  Shadow Weaving maxed before Improved Mind Blast.
  • GodliestGodliest Member Posts: 3,486
    I think you summed up the most things here. Ofc there are alot of different specs for a feral druid. I myself go for a full feral, but I've seen alot of feral druids with specs that are unlike the one I play with. Just because u are a certain spec doesn't mean u have to have the specc u suggested here, the best way is usually to go for the feeling about what u like.



  • kaskuskaskus Member Posts: 105
    yes as always you can always go and play the way you wanted to...i just shared my own points of view regarding some other characters..and i'm also doing some discoveries to build up some unique character that will stand up against all tough ones..the one posted are only the basics and just to give some view towards some classes...but you can always follow your will some sum up how you play the world of warcraft the way you do..
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