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Burning crusade

Hi all, i was wondering wath do you think about wow´s new expansion Burning Crusade?

Is it good for you?

Do you think it have beter quests/content?more things to do?

More divercity in places/mobs?

Wath is your opinion about it?



  • kaskuskaskus Member Posts: 105
    it is definitely a good idea in making a new feature such as burning crusade..well, for the in game stuff it'll make many gamers encourage of the new stuff added on this game..me and my friends will look for some new stuffs in game..whoa, i think i've been lost for so long since the last play that i've done will my character...i think i will play more often to catch up to some innovations made in-game
  • ferofaxferofax Member Posts: 82
    ...well, for starters, the two new races look promising. draenei and blood elves, which i heard had really interesting racials. plus that new Outlands area got monsters that give roughly 200% more xp than other monsters of the same level in other areas... oh and the new mounts! that neutral flying mount really looks cool...

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  • Enforcer71Enforcer71 Member UncommonPosts: 780
    I am actually enjoying it very much, gives a nice twyst to the existing game. Really wasnt expecting to see what I saw once I went through the portal so it just makes me want to continue on to see more.

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  • cupertinocupertino Member Posts: 1,094
    Heres a good Video review that talks about the game from a players PoV: www.g4tv.com/videos/index.html  (review on the lest to the right under Recent videos), doesnt talk about Arens but still a full review.


  • kaskuskaskus Member Posts: 105
    honestly speaking when the BC comes..i have to create a new characters just to experience the new classes in the game i have had created two new characters i have a new draenei and a blood elf now..and now i'm busy boosting their levels both..i certainly enjoy those two new races
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