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Patch 4/28 -- A couple of major news items

neschrianeschria Member UncommonPosts: 1,406

As I mentioned on another thread, as of the patch yesterday, Plane of Knowledge has been opened up to everyone, whether or not they own Planes of Power. This is big news for those who still don't have PoP (like my son) because it opens up a whole world of instant travel. And to think, I was about to break down and spend the $10 on PoP for him for the travel alone. (/hug SOE)

The other major news item of general interest is that they've made some zones exp "hot spots" with a zone experience modifier like that of Paludal. These are subject to change in the future, so check those patch messages to keep up-to-date on the latest hotspots.  The hotspots are:

- The Castle of Mistmoore (20th to 30th level)
- The Lair of the Splitpaw (35th to 45th level)
- Dulak's Harbor (40th to 45th level)
- The Tower of Frozen Shadow (30th to 35th level)
- The Gulf of Gunthak (35th to 40th level)
- Hate's Fury (55th to 60th level)
- The Crypt of Nadox (50th to 55th level)
- The Torgiran Mines (45th to 50th level)

What else?

There's a new midlevel (under 50, according to unofficial sources) LDoN adventure zone that moved to the Live servers from Legends. It's an additional Tak zone.

Load times have been reduced, they say. That seemed to be true for my husband and more-or-less true for me. 



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  • TekmisfitTekmisfit Member Posts: 9

    Yah this whole opening up PoK angered me as not 4 days before that I went and got EQ Evolution for my girlfriends 2nd account just so she could get to PoK for travel as well. Oh well it was only $35 CDN and she got a free month out of it. But would of been nice if they would of let us know they were going to do this then maybe I would of held off buying it for a bit.

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