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Rank! Good or bad!

I logged on after a long time to do a review on Lineage2 only to find out i'm not alowed because i don't log on enough times on this site! I find this very discriminating. You should eather let ppl review games, or don't. You can't just allow some of us to do it!

Just because i don't come here enough times doesn't mean i'm not entitled to share my opinion with some and perhaps help some ppl choose a mmorpg!

If u don't remove this rank system u have going here i beg you to delete my accout cuz i'm not interested in coming here everyday just to be able to say what i think of a game!

Thank you and good bye!

P.S. Thanx to all ppl who write the reviews. It sure helped me alot when i do research on what games to play/try!


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    As someone who apparently values our reviews...you should appreciate our system that  helps protect it from abuse.  We don't require much - just a rank of 5...which you likely earned today by logging in and making this post (your rank won't update until 2AM EST).  Without posting anything you can get a rank 5 by logging in about 3 times (anytime in the past 30 days).

    If we don't do this then we end up with 1000 "perfect 10" reviews by people linking to us from fan forums and such.  Ask any of the people around here who hang out here a lot - we used to have a MAJOR problem with this.

    The system may be a pain and unfair to those that are honest - but it did put an end to a serious problem we had.

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    - MMORPG.COM Staff -

    The dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive.

  • Please don't get me wrong i'm not saing i do not apreciate your work in trying to keep the site serious. I belive bad coments are a nightmare for you. However a system like this will only "fix" this problem temporary.

    As you said, now i am alowed to abuse the system since i post a mesage. Kinda odd if u ask me! I belive a system that will alow ppl to rank my review would work alot better and be more fair to the ppl. Something like amazon.com has. And then show the reviews sorted by the rank (the one with the best rank beeing first), and to further develope this syetm, not alow the last coments(the ones without ranks) affect the rank of the game. This will get rid of the bad comments for good and perhaps even make ppl try and make a real review instead of abusing the system.


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    We have always hoped to add something like this in the future, where users can rate other peoples reviews.  At the moment we just lack the time to work on it (we have a long list of things that we are working on now).

    Basically the crisis came up and this solved it for the time being.

    Note that in addition to the rank requirement, we also only allow 2 reviews per day.  This prevents someone from abusing the system a lot.

    Surely the system is not "fool-proof" but we have found that the typical person is not patient enough to take the time to place a review just for the purpose of boosting a games rank.  So we have gone from 1000 bogus reviews to maybe a couple dozen...it at least keeps the scores from going crazy.

    We will eventually come up with a better system, and when we do we will reach out to our community for ideas and suggestions - as we always do (even the current system was made up of many suggestions from our members).  For now though it is better to keep our "shield" up as it is blocking 90% of the garbage we used to see image

    - MMORPG.COM Staff -

    - MMORPG.COM Staff -

    The dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive.

  • TaskyZZTaskyZZ Member Posts: 1,476

    I only come here once a month, but "I want, I want, I want"....


    How important is my opinion... Hmmm....

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