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TMcCTMcC Member Posts: 218
I think this game looks to be one of the best of two in the year of 2004. I was just wandering since this game is pvp....is there gonna be stealing in this game? I dont mean stealing from just npcs but actual players. I checked the site but dint see any info on the topic so its prolly doubtful.


  • BlackwulfBlackwulf Member Posts: 11
    imageYou'll have Thief skills in this game. This I read from their online forums. image

    Only Time will Tell where the Wulf has Thread

    Only Time will Tell where the Wulf has Thread

  • TMcCTMcC Member Posts: 218
    Two questions, is this the black wulf from UO gl shard? And do you know if you will be able to steal from other players? Not just random monster and npc stealing.

  • GhostRaptorGhostRaptor Member Posts: 35

    There are currently zero thief skills in the game. You cannot steal.

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