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Loving the change!

ChrisomahonyChrisomahony Member Posts: 11
Love how Aion doesnt be the stereotypical Korean MMo (point click). NO NO! this game uses OMFG a keyboard and mouse!!!! But ya i was looking at the game a while back and i just thought it was going to be a point and click which i HATE, and after watching a e3 movie they actually move in combat. I used to play L2 but had to quit due the no skilled based combat, i just hate sitting there and fighting toe to toe. Aion is looking great and i cant wait till they release some sort of beta..


  • AseenusAseenus Member UncommonPosts: 1,844
    dont mock L2 thats a decent game mate, but yeah... i do prefer keyboard/mouse etc
  • NewMonsterNewMonster Member Posts: 417

    l2 sucks! insane economy! 90% botter


    the game itself sucks! weak skill animation thats all the same


    aion will be the successor of l2

  • AyaseAyase Aion Community CoordinatorMember Posts: 118
    Just for the record... Aion is not really a successor of Lineage 2, as it offers a quite different playing style in comparison. I think the attracted audiences will differ quite a bit. There will be a Lineage 3, and that my friends, will be the successor.

    Saying Aion will not be *the* successor to L2 does not mean it won't be a good game. It will be a kick-ass game with incredible graphics, innovative and exciting game mechanisms and dynamic combat content. Aion is a stand-alone, branched-off franchise that will serve as a complement and alternative, not a replacement :)

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  • BulletRideBulletRide Member Posts: 8
    lineage 2 on private servers is still the best MMORPG available today, you just have to make sure the private servers are complete copies of simulations, that ban dual boxing and botters, and do not give awards for donating...

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