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Granado Espada forum?

This game is very highly anticipated by the crowd here and on other gamesites - why isnt there a forum for this in development game?

Link for the website is here btw:

Its in closed beta right now


  • JavamancerJavamancer Member UncommonPosts: 114
  • Mr.Man_7Mr.Man_7 Member Posts: 224
    There is , just simply click the games name on the anticipated MMORPG's link and click the forums link. You well be directed to one link then you click that one link. If you just want to see the most recent forums click the overview link and scroll down ( after you click Grando Espada on the most Antcipated MMORPGS link

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  • banaaantjebanaaantje Member Posts: 39
    aaah ok...its just not on the list to the left :)..haha

    Thanks :D
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