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Suggest a MMO for me :D

Hey guys. I wouldn't call myself a vet MMO player but I have played my share. My first MMO was the Indonesian version of Nexus called Nexia (it was free unlike the English counterpart). Since then I played UO for several years, and quite a bit of WoW. I can't stand to play another second of WoW and I want to try something new. I also goofed around with several other MMOs such as Guild Wars, Anarchy Online, Dark Ages (not DaoC), and probably more than I can't think of right now.

My favorite aspect in a MMO is definetly PvP. Although the game HAS to have PvE (or PvM if you will). I've fiddled with Guild Wars but the PvE is just too limited. I also don't want to play another game in WoW which has almost no death penalty. Theres no satisfaction in killing anyone. I remember my days of UO, if you died then you were screwed. I also like MMOs that are very free lance, like UO was. I would prefer a MMO that has a trial version available so I could give it a whirl before I go out and spend $50 on it.

So to sum up what I want, a MMO with excelent PVP, a somewhat harsh death penalty, and it must have at the very least decent PvE.

I thank you in advance.

- User2k (AKA Jobinne)


  • Mr.Man_7Mr.Man_7 Member Posts: 224

    I'll recommened RF online but im not so sure it has a harsh death penatly , though. I'll also have to recommened Ultima Online , it has great PvP and harsh death penalty

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  • User2kUser2k Member Posts: 14
    I've played UO to the point where I don't think I could stand to play it again. I will take a look at RF though.
  • IllithoidIllithoid Member Posts: 3
    EvE Online

    I recommend to you EvE Online.  Eve is a Sci-fi based game in which you fly around in spaceships so if you like seeing your guy run around, or are very much into a more fantasy setting than EvE may not be for you.  It has a 14 day trial period so you can see if you like it.  It is a very PvP oriented game that allows new people to jump in and be effective in certain roles.  Piracy is a big profession.  Also it has a high death penalty, which you seem to like.  There is of course PvE which can be very rewarding.  Also perhaps the best market I've seen in any MMO with what I consider the best crafting system in any MMO I've played.    I personally love the way they handle skills.  Everything is time based.  You select a skill you want to learn, and depending on the Level and Rank of a skill it may take 10 minutes to over a month to learn.  (You won't encounter the month long skills early in the game which usually come at the end levels of a high ranked skill)  However this may make you feel as though you will never be as good as a vet.  Though from my own experiences it's usually less the skills you have and more the intelligence with which you play the game that makes the difference between winning and losing. 

    If this sounds interesting to you I suggest you go to and read the following sections of the forums.  EvE new citizens Q&A, which has lots of usefull info for noobs.  Crime and Punishment, is a section for those who practice piracy, and those who like to whine about pirates lol.  You'll learn alot about techniques and tactis to use against others.  Skills section will explain to you how the skills work and what they do.  Ships and Modules section has a ton of wonderful information on the ships you can fly, what they can/will do, and the modules (like guns) to use with them.   Those are perhaps the most relevant to a new person getting into the game interesting in the PvP side of things.   READ ALL STICKIES FIRST!!!111ELEVENTYONE 

  • b0rderline99b0rderline99 Member Posts: 1,441

    idk if i would recommend either of those games

    i think you need to be a fairly specific mentality to enjoy either

    RF- you need to have a lot of time and not mind spending a lot of time killing the same thing over and over, not to mention that you need to be able to potion spam like a madman

    EvE- you need to like things more slow paced and thought out, rather than enjoying making on-the-spot desicions

  • User2kUser2k Member Posts: 14
    I played Eve very lightly. I heard about its harsh death penalty and PvP aspects. I tried the trial and about an hour in the introduction I was starting to get bored to so I started skimming through it. Once I got out of the tutorial I regretted that decision greatly. I was incredibly lost and had no clue what I was doing. I guess I could give it a second shot. I'll try to learn a bit more about the game mechanics before I jump in to it though.
  • User2kUser2k Member Posts: 14
    Bump. Is there any more suggestions out there?
  • Zaxx99Zaxx99 Member Posts: 1,761

    Dude, if you don't care so much about having to have insanely pretty graphics, then I HIGHLY recommend to you "Asherons Call" from Turbine. This is Turbines signature game, and my favorite of all time. The PvP and PvM are relentless action that truly requires more thought and more skill then newer, prettier mmo games. There is a MUCH stiffer death penalty that results in a 5% stat loss on all your skills for each death, and this can add up to a crippling 40% max stat loss if you die many times in a row without working it off. This stat loss is called a VP (Vitae Penalty) and can only be worked off by gaining experience. Death also causes a loss of the most valuable items in your inventory (most highly valuable based on game value, not real value) so many people carry death items (DI's) such as insanely high valued gems and junk loot to cover them selves from losing truly valuable armor and weapons on death.

    The PvP server you want is "Darktide" The population has sadly dwindled over the years as it was released way back in 1999. There are still very cool people that play however and I suggest you try it out and get in with a good allegiance (more often called a guild in other mmos) who can help you level up quickly so that you can compete with most of the long term high level players that you will encounter.

    Turbine has been very, very loyal to the game and to its fans, offering monthly updates, patches, and events almost every month the game has been out. They still have monthly events to try and keep the game fresh and exciting.

    Best of all, you can try this truly under-rated gem out FREE for 14 days! If you like it, the game is only $12.95 per month, and the game with free month is only $19.95 at

    Anyhow, good luck in whatever game you choose!

    Click HERE for Asherons Call FREE 14 DAY TRIAL!!

    Keep it cool, and enjoy Asherons Call if you decide to try it out!

    - Zaxx


  • 2hawks2hawks Member UncommonPosts: 104

    Hey Zaxx good call - AC was a blast when it came out.   One that started out horribly but ended up ok was Anarchy Online... again if graphics aren't the key element for you...

    While I don't like it - some people love Vanguard - be warned tho it is really buggy and a system hog...

    The Chronicles of Spellborn looks like it is going to be the place I end up after WOW... still playing wow tho for now... BC added a bunch of fun stuff imo.

  • User2kUser2k Member Posts: 14
    AC looks interesting. I have heard good things in the past. I'll download the trial tomorrow. Graphics have never been a problem for me. I've been looking at Vanguard but I'm iffy about it. I'll give it some time before I go and try it.
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