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Dreamlords #1? has this game as #1.

Have you guys played this game?

The MMO market sunk to a new low. MMO's are officially dead.

I will never trust MMORPG rating system again.


  • ChackeyChackey Member UncommonPosts: 17

    Well.. just about all other top games has droped with close to 10% the last day and Dreamlords has rosen(?) like a rocket...

    Obviusly someone is multi account macroing the ratings... nothing wierd with that and it can easily be solved by tracking ip's and accounts.. im sure the mods will fix it ;)

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  • AelfinnAelfinn Member Posts: 3,857

    The thing has 23 votes right now, count them, 23

    If you care about it enough to rate the game, go and give it the score you think it deserves.

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  • FariicFariic Member Posts: 1,546

    The rankings are determined by us, the gamers; not MMORPG.

    It's a new release so it's going to get high marks for a bit.

    It's an RTS MMO, and there are LOT of MMO players that are also RTS fans.

    It's easily accesable; so people can play the web based part just about anywhere.

    I haven't tried the game yet, but I've been thinking about it.


  • SigneSigne Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 2,524
    It's not my sort of game.  I thought my husband would like it more but he didn't care for it much either.  He likes a lot of the single player RTS games, though.  I wouldn't have thought this game would be listed here, but there it is! 
  • SavvonSavvon Member Posts: 98

    Thank you all for your insights. I have meditated on the matter and my confidence in the rating system has been restored.

    Again, thank you and peace be with you all.

  • ShijukiShijuki Member UncommonPosts: 318
    It always happens with newly released games. I remember when RF Online was #1 when it was released, look where it is now.
  • Jimmy_ScytheJimmy_Scythe Member CommonPosts: 3,586
    Dreamlords is technically an MMORTS. Why are we listing this game and not Project Visitor (10six)? Is it the fantasy setting? If that's the case you need to get rid of all the sci-fi games in the list.

  • mbbladembblade Member Posts: 747

    LMAO it most likely rate it at a system that needs votes, the ones below it has thousands and there are more negative one then good one compared to Dreamlords. Its not the rating system your thinking of. They don't rate it like this game is a X/10, NOOOO its not liek that. The rating system is 100% on votes

  • Mr.Man_7Mr.Man_7 Member Posts: 224
    Originally posted by Savvon has this game as #1.
    Have you guys played this game?
    The MMO market sunk to a new low. MMO's are officially dead.

    I will never trust MMORPG rating system again.

    Every game that first comes out in this site is rated extraodinarly high. But than a few days later it well lower.

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  • AckbarAckbar Member UncommonPosts: 927
    If  i had actually played the game id rate it a 0. But i havent so i wont.

    However i dont have to have played to know it sucks.

    And indeed it does.

    ----ITS A TRAP!!!----

  • ladyattisladyattis Member Posts: 1,273

    Ackbar, really? Can you make me a brief list of why it sucks?

    -- Bridget

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