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Why Lineage II will flop...

zide56zide56 Member Posts: 356

The community is horrendous.  Many claim this will improve after open beta, when it is P2P.  They are sadly mistaken.  You see, any game that has "anything-goes" PvP will attract jackasses who wish to do nothing but ruin the experiences of others.  This will scare away any and all productive players (i.e., those who wish to form a clan, improve the economy, etc.), for no one wishes to be PKed while minding their own business. 

"Well," you say, "there will be servers that will have no PvP!"  Sorry, but this will not cut it.  You see, L2 is built upon PvP, and when you take that out, people will grow very bored in a very short amount of time.

So, you see, L2 is bound to fail.  Sorry.


  • THX2THX2 Member Posts: 8
    I didn't like Lineage 2 much, but I doubt it will flop... it could be good if they would just put a bit more time into it.

    Guild Wars OGaming Webmaster

  • AnnekynnAnnekynn Member Posts: 1,437
    I quit the game after hitting level 30. The product looks and sounds nice, but as a game its quite poor and the community is horrendous. Not worth my attention nor my dollar.

  • OaksteadOakstead Member Posts: 455

    The community is not horrendous. It is no different from any other PvP game. My character has been saved many times by the kindness of others and I have in turn saved many. Gankers exist but they are more of a minor nuisance than any kind of game wrecker.

    If you don't like something get organised into a clan. There is power and safety in numbers.

    Could you please give specific examples to back up your claims?

    My main concern is with Chinese players and bots coming into the game to make real money off of selling in-game currency. It seems to be happening at a more organized level than in any previous games since no skill caps  limit weapon usage.

  • AnnekynnAnnekynn Member Posts: 1,437

    The community doesnt just cover the players but ncsoft aswell. There wasnt a single patch in open beta. Exploiters and cheaters are everywhere. No feedback from the devs. Half the servers are non-english speaking folks. Kill stealing is extremely common. Tons of player harassment, cursing and general abuse. Totally useless GM's that cant do anything other than get a player unstuck or ban them because they put on brigadine armor etc etc.

    In DAoC, not only did you have to cooperate with your realm in general (since you were at war with the other realms), but since grouping was almost mandatory you had to cooperate with other people. People quickly learned decency, cooperation and sharing. Kill stealing didnt exist, harassment was almost unheard off, and mythic devs not only had setup specific forums for feedback for all the various classes but on almost a DAILY basis during beta they would patch the game with the latest fixes. THAT was a good community. The L2 community in comparison is, as originally stated, horrendous.

  • crzybrtndrcrzybrtndr Member Posts: 94

    I agree that the community can be bad in some areas.  I think that it depends on a) what server you play on and b) what city you're in.

    I play on the Lionna server and the only area that is really overrun with idiots is the Dark Elf village.  I haven't really seen any problems anywhere else.  A few pkers and griefers straggled throughout the starter towns, but it's the end of beta and this ALWAYS happens at that time.

    NCSoft definitely needs to learn what the term customer service means and stop ignoring their players, but as for the players themselves I say if whereever you're playing has a bad community, switch servers.  I know that's a lot to ask, but they will be offering character transfers soon that will make it much easier.

  • DakkanonDakkanon Member Posts: 289

    I'm not a PK'r but I have PK'd jackarzs. For example, Some numbnuts was PK'ing outside Elven forest, killing those who wore Bone armor, wood armor and some casters. Bow of Forest is a nice bow, but it isn't that great. anyhoo, he killed 3 low level players, all of which they defended themselves and asked him to stop. He shot an arrow at my healer, who could have taken him out in two hits, but she shrugged it off. I didn't. I walked up to him and asked him if he wanted to die. he fired a third shot at my healer. Stun, SS, smack, special, smack hard, SS, smack, crit, and he's dead.
    Jerkoff had the nerve to ask me why I killed him.

    Second, I was farming in Sorrow. I attacked a Skelly leader, apparently, someone else wanted him to. ianmeimei was her name. She attacks me while I have agro from the Skel Leader. I turned on her, and ended her wrath. I sent her a PM, why did you attack me? Did you want to die?. her responce "I wanted that mop".
    And you attacked me because I got to him first?"
    F**K you N*P" she says.

    Lovely players out there.

    Nearing the end of OB, I started an alt, because I was getting sick of all the PK'rs who were not going to retail.
    Alt was PK'd 20 times at least by iiuperii and iievilandii. they were band later for misconduct. due to a large demand of GM's attention.

    I do feel bad for those who got into OB late and were unable to defend themselves properly against these nefarious players.

    LineageII Knight of Dark Lotus

    "I'm not suffering from insanity, I'm enjoying it every moment of it"

    Paradigm, an Accretia Clan
    "I'm not suffering from insanity, I'm enjoying it every moment of it"

  • BaileyofLSBaileyofLS Member Posts: 6

    I have managed to sit it out....played clesed beta and now open beta.  The game does have many down falls.  For a North American game server they allow ungodly amounts of asian ip's to log in and script bot all day.  This makes simple tasks like doing quests and leveling very frustrating at times.  As for being harrased by PK's, I can honestly say I've only been Pk'ed twice.  Not because I'm some super badass or anything, but becasue nobody has tried.  What I notice happening alot is that people are running around and they see a red or a purple name and they instantly start attacking it.  They die, they may loose some of their stuff, then they come here and other boards and flame.  It is part of the game.  It is part of almost any mmorpg.  If you don't like pvp in the first place just ignore them...it works believe it or not.  

    As far as economy goes, Lineage has a great idea going on.  There is only on race that can craft items....dwarves.  Therefore anyone playing the other races are forced to A:) hunt MOB's till they are blue in the face to pay store price for the items they need or B:) save the materials they find while killing and find a dwarf to craft the item for you at nearly half price.  This helps to increase player interaction, which is a big plus.  

    My final thoughts are on the character custimization in the game.  This is one of it's low points.  People in NA especially want to be unique.  They want a character with neon hair and shiny armor that sets them apart from everyone else....you won't find that here.  There is a lack in physical character customization.  Skills howeve are a litle different.  I like how they have the paths set up.  Not just mage or fighter.  Once you pick one you have to decide which weapon specialty you want....perhaps duel specialization (which is what I did). 

    Over-all I think the game has it's ups and downs as do all games.  The important thing to remember is that it is still in it's early phase.  Yes beta is over and release is hitting shelves tomorrow, but first day of public release is still early.  Things will change.  To me it is the changes that happen from this point on in the game that will make it or break it, not the current state of the game.   Just my two cents.

  • lodossmanlodossman Member Posts: 31
    WOW, it hasn't even been out longer then any other game *cough* Ragnarok *cough* and it is charging $14.95 for one month? It will fall.

  • ShagsbeardShagsbeard Member Posts: 71

    Pretty sure L2 will be competing with Shadowbane for the niche.  They have a lot in common.  Problem is... there really aren't that many people who want to play this type of game.  Most of the people I've seen in L2 think of it as EQ+pvp... it's not.  There really is nothing to do in L2 except combat other people... and a few special mobs.  Everything else is exactly the same.  Pull mob... beat mob... pull mob... beat mob... It's just not fun.  So the EQ/DAoC croud will leave and the population will level out.  Will it flop?   Nope.  I don't think that NCsoft has a way they can lose.  All they're doing is running the game for someone else.  They don't have any development expenses.  All they have is what they paid for the rights and the equipment they bought.

    It wont flop, but it's not going to be a market driver like EQ was.  It wont even make it into the top 5.

    Don't try to teach a pig to sing,
    It rarely works and only serves to annoy the pig.

    Don't try to teach a pig to sing,
    It rarely works and only serves to annoy the pig.

  • HarmoniHarmoni Member UncommonPosts: 2

    L2 is a good game but like all games it gets repetative. The problem with most of the games out there, is that they don't cater to the major needs/wants of the players (social gear, ball rooms, dancing). As far as quests go, all you do is kill monsters or find this guy then this guy then that guy. 

    However there is a concept (PK), but the RPG in this game is weak.  I did get to experience DE's attacking LE 's the last day of OB. It was fun, lol ran about 30 minutes got to the bridge and crashed. I doubt it will flop. But its only going to get certain types of people, and those people who play it are going to play it until they can't play anymore.

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