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Have you heard of Shinzo he is like 20 years old in real life and married sombody in the game?

JakupJakup Member Posts: 27

I heard he is like level 2000 or somthing

I think he has no life


  • Xerion12Xerion12 Member Posts: 371
    I believe I used to chat with Shinzo on a fanforum..  Unless it was an imposter. :0


  • JakupJakup Member Posts: 27

    I heard of him on a flyff website and he lives somewhere in the UK and I also saw a that he is actualy around level 7000!!!!!!

    he is the of   and probably has no real life outside of Flyff he probably really fat and stays in his house for months just playing playing and playing

  • SBC3SBC3 Member Posts: 372
    You can get to level 7000 in fly for fun?
  • JakupJakup Member Posts: 27

    I saw him on and it said he was like level 7000

    It could just be a glitch in the game

  • FahrenheitTHFahrenheitTH Member Posts: 130
    If what you're saying is right, that Shinzo really is about lv 7000, that has got to be a glitch in the game. The highest leveling enemy in the game is currently Popcrank, which is lv 118-119. It's just not possible to get to there by grinding. Or maybe he really doesn't have anything to do but play Flyff every second of his long lost life  Definetely not a good way to live


  • WisebutCruelWisebutCruel Member Posts: 1,089
    Makes you wonder what kind of a beast he got to marry him? LOL
  • dafuzzledafuzzle Member Posts: 160
    thats impossible, he's probably just a hacker who hacked into the system and made the level cap 7000 for him and automatically made himself that level.  Probably took him 10 mins.
  • JakupJakup Member Posts: 27

    Does anybody konw who he "married" in the game? I heard her name was Reau or Rooh or somthing like that. I think they are also in the Halo(L) guild in the Mushpiole server

    I know all of this because i saw a screenshot of them on and they were on the message board in the patch screen when i first started playing Flyff

  • EMOsionEMOsion Member Posts: 3
    You guys are retarded. That's his post count of, he's not even level 100 yet, let alone 7000. Think before you speak.
  • XeroshinzoXeroshinzo Member Posts: 1
    Actually, I'm a level 102 billposter on the mushpoie server 0_O

    The 7000+ thing you're going on about is my post count.

    Yes yes, I rock, I know.

    pls no make fun
  • plutieplutie Member Posts: 19
    I like you ...


    // Plutie ;D

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