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Flyff V Rappelz

murdera2k7murdera2k7 Member Posts: 40

which do u think is better?



  • FahrenheitTHFahrenheitTH Member Posts: 130
    You really can't say. It's like comparing two different things. Flyff and Rappelz are both unique and can thrive equally.


  • KbobKbob Member Posts: 81
    Flyff has better exploration, rappelz has better graphics. Other stuff is about equal.
  • MajidahMajidah Member UncommonPosts: 3
    They both give me wicked dejavu. I can't help feeling that I've played that game before, over and over and over again. Kill the monster, gain some points, kill larger monster, gain larger points.

    That said, I've much love for gpotato's buissiness model and games. They craft these sort of generic mmos to a very high standard, and then let you play them for free without limits. I'm curious why space cowboy isn't on the list. It'd have my vote in a heart beat.
  • NatepirateNatepirate Member Posts: 3
    Flyff is better i think, i'v e tested them both  but rappelz get real fast borred and i cant stop playing flyff so it isn't a hard decision for me
  • titobentitoben Member Posts: 16

    4 me i like flyff most!!!!!!!!!




  • vytuxvytux Member Posts: 4
    yea Flyff owns all !!!!!! I've played rappelz ant its boring flyff is better
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