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have heard this game is crap but not sure



  • dhartzdhartz Member Posts: 482
    Just a question, is the game like realy dead, or is teher still a fair amount of people to play with.


  • unevenjunkunevenjunk Member Posts: 6


     I played this game when it 1st came out... feel in love with the change of things and tried giving GW a rest for a  while. The game offers great thing like RVR, chip warz (BIG battle where the diff race's fight every so many hours to control a massive cave where u mine ore) and the MAU's. What got me to play this game is that is was so diff...

    CONs- the creators of the game are very far away and what seemed like when i played (mind you when it 1st came out B4 the giga update) the updates came very later and seemed like no one cared. The grind got old real quick, and if ur Comp isnt up to par i would'nt step foot in a  chip war WAY to many people and u might lag out.

    Since then i hear the game is doing Great they have updated the site and been in countless interviews. They game designers have merged the 4 servers into 1 HUGE one to make the game better for everyone and make it more blanced. Also this is talk about it being F2P soon!!! It all depends on how Archlord does (which for those who dont know is another Codmasters game) which i hear its doing ALOT better being F2P now.

    In closing, good game liked it alot found it to be very fun at times and very boring at time if u can get past the few quests u get every lvl and make to through the Chip Warz you'll love every min of it... i rate it a 3 out of 5

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