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Granado Espada CB

SalengerSalenger Member UncommonPosts: 553
hello was watching a friend play his beta the other day, and this game is pretty nice the only thing that might deter me is the ctrls, no wasd all point n clik movement.  But other than that game is a nice change from normal mmorpgs as in fantasy based, good storyline, great graphics and new classes skills etc.  I believe this game is alot better than L2 it seems to be an asian mmo with content talk about walking on new territory lol, anyways once open beta start i suggest dling this game and checking ti out, you more than likely be pleased. peace


  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182
    It would be impossible to play this game with WASD.
  • Mr.Man_7Mr.Man_7 Member Posts: 224
    Originally posted by Gameloading

    It would be impossible to play this game with WASD.
    Correct. The game is based on MCC ( Multi-Character-Control) you have to control 3 player's at once so it would be practically impossible to move with WASD.

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  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182
    Well, the reason is because all 4 WASD keys are used for other features.
  • LowdosLowdos Member Posts: 644
    Can you say Carpal Tunnel
  • ZerimurZerimur Member Posts: 63
    I started this mmo yesterday and I love it all chars on lv14 =) The bad thing is I lag quite a bit and im afraid when OB starts I wont be able to play much cause of lag =[ *Stupid crapy comp*
  • hanimehanime Member Posts: 34
    The Connection to Singapore is sometimes very laggy....  but its ok :)

    btw level 40
  • RoinRoin Member RarePosts: 3,368
    Originally posted by hanime

    The Connection to Singapore is sometimes very laggy....  but its ok :)

    btw level 40
    That's weird.  I'm on at various times during the day (even during peak hours)  I don't lag one bit, and i'm in the US.  I have a friend over in france who's also playing the beta, he doesn't get any lag either.   Someone must have some faulty hops between you, your ISP, and the server.

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  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182
    I'm from Europe, no lag here.
  • hanimehanime Member Posts: 34
    Well it helps sometimes just to switch the Channel, but its 100% the Connection to SG
  • vortal1vortal1 Member Posts: 33

    No lag or issues connecting from the UK at different times of the day.

    Give the controls a little time, I prefer WASD controls in MMO games but after a few levels I was bouncing between characters and skills and clicking on the ground like a good un!

    Great game.


  • KatagiriKatagiri Member UncommonPosts: 49
    I had just a little lag issue but nothing to worry about.

    The game is very beuatiful and the graphics are rich. The gameplay is inovative and I enjoyed a lot. Controling 3 characters helps a lot when you want to solo and you can party up only with friends, you don't need help of strangers, but the community is nice, all the ppl I spoke to were nice.
  • isurusisurus Member Posts: 396
    I'm enjoying it. P&C > WASD

    It's a lot like RF online but without things that made RF suck.  Such as no potion spamming and a decent skill system. 

    I love the MCC system.  Something like this has been overdue in the MMO genre for a long, long, long time. 

    The game play is fast paced and fun.  The grind is pretty mild for a Korean MMO.  The AI allows for macro management, and it could be better, but it's still pretty good. 

    Aesthetically, GE is very nice.  Character models are excellent, environments are lush, and the techno music actually works. 

    On the other hand...  It has a closed pvp model, which sucks.  It's not like Lineage 2 or EVE where you can kill anyone and deal with the consequences.  Duels are lame.  So is faction pvp. 

    Character customization is non-existent.  I know it's just fluff but identity is important and hopefully they change this before GE goes live. 

    The world (outside of towns) feels a little claustrophobic at times.  Artificial boundries like walls with a "forest" texture create narrow little pathways for you to walk through.  It's not always like this, but more so than i would like. 

    But all in all it is a pretty cool game with a lot of potential.


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