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What team are you planning to use?



  • AngeachorionAngeachorion Member Posts: 1
    Trying to be different, I went with a Muskeeter, Wizard, Elementalist setup. Wasn't really using and skills or spells (well, not effectively, anyway), just normal attack 'till level 10. Then I decided to fight Ramiro, that little kid outside of town, and got beaten up at least five times. Embarrased (recommended level 8 for this quest or so they say), I decided to try a different approach. I created my fourth character, a fighter. After a short mob thrashing session I went with a fighter-muskeeter-wizard trio and whooped Ramiro's ass in a matter of seconds. Can't wait 'till I earn enough to buy new slots and try other characters.
  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182
    you should get a scout and level it up asap. they become really important.
  • Mr.Man_7Mr.Man_7 Member Posts: 224
    Now that i think of it i rather just go with Muskateer , Elemintalist , Scout if you think of it , the figther well be just running around and it well be diffucult to heal him witht he scout in the back and the figther running around. I'm not so sure to confirm this yet but since i hav'nt played it , ill stick with Muskateer,Fighter,Scout.

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  • lulululu Member Posts: 15
    i,m Going   3x  Elementalists  Lightning .  and i,m lvling an ESP Wizard for the  DEF buff but as soon as my Chain lightning Ready on all my 3 Elemtalists . i can mass demg with all fo them that can  handle keeping monsters away from me .

    Thats my Build its hell Hard so dont be hrsh and call me stupid .

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