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cant w8 for this game!!! here's a nice video

erezzzerezzz Member Posts: 17
errrr i cant w8 for this game with the detailed environment  ,and the wings, and combat!!!!!!!!!! just seems too good and that u can choose between instance and regular servers and i hope itll be b2p though but i dont really care i just hope i can get game time cards on store... anyway here's a really good video that shows all : environment, flying around, combat(PvP,PvE) and the best  aerial combat all in this video: (it might be boring at start so w8 until the flying starting from there its really good.)


  • heroxxxheroxxx Member Posts: 22

    that was really tight at the end when they  fought in the air

    can't wait til it'll come out >.<

    don't be stupid its too populer.

  • HerakHerak Member Posts: 20
    i wonder what happens if you dc when flying lol

    red spot on the ground ftw


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  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 30,647
    Thanks for the video. flying combat looks great.

    Not sure what I'll choose... depends on what I see in game.

    Though I'm leaning toward mage as a class.
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  • AyaseAyase Aion Community CoordinatorMember Posts: 118
    Aion is a great game and there are many more videos to see.

    Kunihiko Ryo (the music composer for Aion) put up a pretty nice tralier/compilation on his site a while ago.

    There are also some other movies you might want to check out at (not to mention the latest Aion news)

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  • AseenusAseenus Member UncommonPosts: 1,844
    i have no idea which one im going to choose tbh, we have only seen the chosen so far :P

    most likely fallen coz im usually evil :P
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