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need to pay????

glockmasterglockmaster Member Posts: 147
do you need to pay forthis game,it looks quite good.....


  • laslulaslu Member Posts: 3

    it's completely free, you will get a "gold member account" which means nothing because thats what everybody gets. it takes a long time to download client and maybe when u install and try start playing u will have problems either starting or entering the servers. check your antivirus program and firewall if u try and it doesnt work. for the best server to enter, i would say go to the newest, Bango, because Hanin is dead and Naraeha was born a year ago so its already to old for new players.

    hope it helps

  • pimbpimb Member Posts: 1
    nope its free ,i play the game a year and i like it.

    the noobs say the security is bad have probably a easy pasword to hack.
  • viperaceviperace Member Posts: 10
    its a good game free to play, just dont fall into trap and download a keylogger lol
  • BlazingCloudBlazingCloud Member Posts: 5

    its not free if you want to lvl up fast. the lvl system sucks and you need exp stones just to get to the lvl you want

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