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next BIG mmorpg



  • roadwarriorsroadwarriors Member Posts: 218


    loot everything

    kill anyone

    steal anywhere

    player created cities and towns


    flying and land mounts(For real not like wow or vangaurd)

    etc. etc.


    Also it's getting picked up by a bigger publisher soon, but i can't say who.

  • YanggyYanggy Member Posts: 11

    ill stand with WoW as a big hitters for more than the next 2 years

    I also think LOTR


    And i wonder about the Ultima Online revamp.........

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  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433

    Haha, I will repeat what I said back then.


    Next PH/regent in NA will be WAR, next big MMO:  Whatever BioWare is making!  (as long as the devs remains humble and hardworking, aka not suffering from ego inflation by listening too much to fanboi like me)

    In BioWare we trust, all other pay cash! 

    PS: Stargate and Hero's Journey have huge potential, AoC would dethrone Lineages games...

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  • roadwarriorsroadwarriors Member Posts: 218
    So far based on the released video the graphics are better than vangaurds, and that was in development for how long? I guess companies should start developing their games longer instead of launching them into beta 5 years before their done.
  • BlindGraveBlindGrave Member Posts: 7
    I honestly think either Age of Conan will be the next big MMORPG or it will be PotBS as the next big MMORPG. But Dark Fall online does look very promising.
  • Gam3d4rKGam3d4rK Member Posts: 146
    I pick Wow like the best MMORPG, and i think any game can beat WoW


  • keltic1701keltic1701 Member Posts: 1,162

    I would like to see Star Trek Online become the next big thing. Even tough it's only starting off with the Federation, I think with the Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire add-on's it will really be a complete game then. Any other add-on (Ferengi, Cardassian, etc) will only make it that much more of a rich playing enviroment. First the Federation startup has to be done well before any of this happens. I suppose time will tell.

    I would also like to see Stargate Worlds do well too!

  • AgamedeAgamede Member Posts: 9

    Age of Conan or Warhammer Online??

    I like the name Gods and Heroes better though...

  • Mr.Man_7Mr.Man_7 Member Posts: 224
    Originally posted by Agamede

    Age of Conan or Warhammer Online??
    I like the name Gods and Heroes better though...
    Lol this thread was created 2 years back now that we really know the answer to his question , the answer is EQ2 and VGSoH

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  • Pale_RiderPale_Rider Member UncommonPosts: 62

    Im going to have to go with Darkfall. 

    If I was to create a game, it would defiantly be just like it. 

    The main lure of it for me is the feature of building your empire with your clan and the fun fact of setting hit lists on npc guards of people you dont like lol.




  • mbbladembblade Member Posts: 747

    not sure but what ever you like go out and pick the one that is the closest to that and that will be your biggest mmo. People all have different styles of playing so not sure

  • JunkMonkJunkMonk Member Posts: 6

    My thoughts for the next big MMO in the next 2 years is TES Online.  Last year ZeniMax announced that it created the division "ZeniMax Productions" to develop an MMO.  They later linked the ZeniMax Productions link to the TES website.  Though no official announcement has been made, I think they are working on The Elder Scrolls Online.

     TES has been a strong title since it's incarnation in 1994 with Arena.  Since then 5 more games were added to the TES world: Daggerfall, Battlespire, Redguard, Morrowind and Oblivion.  The cult following of the TES realm has dramatically expanded with the XBOX360 launch of Oblivion.  Considering how many people loved the games Oblivion and Morrowind, the world of online gaming is a good direction for them to take their company.

    Well, that's my thoughts on this subject.  Quite frankly, could you think of a better realm for an MMO? 

  • EmpyreEmpyre Member Posts: 46
    I hope warhammer is going to be as good as it looks... and chronicles of spellborn... i know i'll be buying those and leaving wow as soon as they come out...
  • soccesocce Member Posts: 11

    Originally posted by boognish75
    i have heard multiple rumors of earth and beyond2 , i am an ecstatic fan of the origonal and currently in swg, if anyone can confirm this i would love to hear.

    sorry to say no ENB II

    played : daoc,enb,swg,eqII,lineageII,GW,AA,neocron,ryzom,eve, and beta testing 20 titles some: GE,Lotr,WH and more.

  • hellsfearhellsfear Member UncommonPosts: 83


    Originally posted by shogge

    what do you think will be next big MMORPG (in 6 months to 2 years) ? whats the game everyone speaks about like it was with WoW earlier?

    fallen sword,  my link is below

  • pk3rpurepk3rpure Member Posts: 86
    I think WAR has the best chances of being the next big thing... It looks a bit like WoW but still promising. If WoW is as good as it looks maybe the WoW players will have a new game to play.  Although I don't think any game for a while is going to rack up the number of players quite like WoW.

    Why isn't there any new mmorpgs comiong out that have a decent pvp, and graphics? Also why don't more browser based games come out. Even if the grahpics are not quite up to other types, they are still reasonably good. If they get something like runescpe and get better pvp and grahpics wouldn't that be slightly better.

    I don't like having to buy the games and pay for mothly fees. Every year i pay $180 a year for WoW. That is a huge amount of money! This industry is thriving and has huge amounts of money. Why can't all this money be spent on one or two absolutely amazing games? I would like to see Mythic entertainment or some other large game maker to try and make some good new games.

    If I'm going to pay extortianate amounts of money i want a rly K1CK @55 game!


  • inuyasha94inuyasha94 Member Posts: 11
    I'm wanting Guild Wars 2. Sounds cool, I've played nightfall a tiny bit, the graphics are amazing and I love the party system. And on top of this, also wish they would upgrade Rakion (softnyx), it's not very popular but I love it for the pvp!
  • AyunimalAyunimal Member Posts: 11
    Lol! It won't be the next BIG thing, but I understand why you post that here! So do i, btw...
  • inuyasha94inuyasha94 Member Posts: 11
    Well it will be a big thing at least, looking at nightfall I'm sure Guild Wars 2 would be sweet - they have amazing talent at making games.
  • Big_VermBig_Verm Member Posts: 6
    Too many to choose from, it seems like all  these companies are trying to push their games out at the same time.
  • dddzdddz Member Posts: 60
    Originally posted by ahard56

    The next big game will be dark and light. Easily
    To the person who posted this, how terribly dissapointed they mustve been
  • nazgumnazgum Member UncommonPosts: 13
    Originally posted by zombietrp

    Originally posted by ahard56

    The next big game will be dark and light. Easily
    To the person who posted this, how terribly dissapointed they mustve been

    hehe, so true =)
  • EldorinEldorin Member Posts: 4

    Something with Power,Unlimiteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed Power...

    Ehm,sorry..Wrong thread..

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  • esseesse Member Posts: 8
    I like to move it move it!!
  • sturuisturui Member Posts: 25
    I wasted 2 years of my life on the dark & light community forums. only to see Dark & Light fail miserbly. We should ask to have a  trash can for rubbish MMO's (excluding Free MMORPGs as they have the right to be rubbish fair play to them)
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