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Role playing at a steep cost to user

I have been somewhat addicted to a "Role Playing " game and am getting a bit edgy about where I am headed. I will not mention the game for fear of a comeback by the makers that would hurt me in game. The game itself is OK but it has a large fault in setting the game too high in money value. My belief in playing a game over the internet is that it should be enjoyable and one  that make the player   not have to dig into his money reserves to play.

   This game "tho it is not called a game" is so intent on making one keep investing real  money that one can unintentionally use up his or hers monthly pay check in the blink of an eye. It leans on people who have and gets down on those who have little. Those who have "little" keep putting money into the game just to see if they can get the "big one" and make the Hall of Fame. But in my case, after about 5 years trying to get that big one it has evaded me. Why? I can only surmise that they know I keep putting money into the game and will rely on me and all the others who are in the same boat to make them "Happy" and run to the bank smiling.

  Such fools we are for falling for that real old gag. But there are really no g ames on the internet that one can enjoy without putting money into it on a daily basis. The best thing I can do is buy a game at a store and play it without going on the internet. It will take some time to go through the entire game that the cost is minnamal

However, it is the interacting of gamers with other members that really makes the games worth while . Though there are those in these games that makes one want to quit, when that other person has all the best outfits and the best armour and the best rifles  that the cost is so high I cannot afford to buy unless I "Hit the big one" 

I have found that the same people are making the HOF list on a regular basis and the "Little guys are left out in the cold, so to speak. A good game is one where everyone has the same opportunity not just the ones who have the capital to back them up. Is there one game out there that makes everyone even/ I doubt it. So maybe I am relagated in going to the store and buy a game  and forget the daily hastle of trying to keep up with the Jonses. Somebody name me one game that does not dig into your pocket on a daily basis.

NUFF said


  • PoldanoPoldano Member Posts: 244

    It seems you are playing a game, or participating in a "virtual world", with a significant "secondary item market". Some games are designed around the secondary item market as a way to make money for their publishers. There are plenty of games where you can have fun without participating in the secondary item market. Many online games have subscription fees, which are generally speaking not very expensive unless you have extremely limited income or are running multiple subscriptions. If subscription fees are a problem, there are still a few good choices.

    One key to your problem is your stated desire to "score the big one". You are treating a rare and expensive success as a game goal. You say that you want to have fun interacting. Is striving for the "big one" necessary to have fun interacting? There are plenty of games with group objectives or shareable individual objectives where you can strive and interact at the same time.


  • mrbloodfiendmrbloodfiend Member Posts: 9
    Sounds like you are playing Entropia Universe or something similiar. These games are to be avoided at all cost. When success in a game is completely determined by buying things with money and there is no way to achieve the same thing playing the game you shouldnt play it. Many so called free games work off this buisness model and should never be played.
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