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how to get an avatar?

XunejoXunejo Member UncommonPosts: 22

i'd like to get an avatar but dont know how to get 1.

how i get 1?

i know i need to upload first but what i need to do then?



  • Vertex1980Vertex1980 Member Posts: 951

    That's where I get most of mine.

  • XunejoXunejo Member UncommonPosts: 22

    but i already have an avatar uploaded.

    i want to use it in the forums..

    could u explain me that?


  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657
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  • EnoyhSEnoyhS Member Posts: 10

    If you already have your avatar uploaded then follow these instructions:

    1. First please follow this link - "User Profile Settings". This link brings you to your profile settings here you can change almost all settings you want.

    2. Now scrool down to end of page. You should see drop-down list with a text -  * NO AVATAR * .

    3. Now choose avatar you uploaded from drop-down list and click on "Save changes" button.

    And wuala! There you have it! I hope this helped you a bit...

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  • XunejoXunejo Member UncommonPosts: 22

    ty man..

    because of u i have an avatar now

    ty for it,


  • unherdninjaunherdninja Member Posts: 331

    im not tring to hijack ur post but ive tried that i have avatars uploaded but when i go to edit profile the avatars dont appear in the drop down box


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