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Starting out help

cyberkaoscyberkaos Member Posts: 18

Hey all,

Im not new to MMORPGs, ive tried some(AO for one year) and wanted to try EQ becuase all the people
i know play EQ and ive heard its pretty thinking of buying Everquest:Evolutions
becuase it seems to have a good set for a new comer.I was wondering if the screenshots i saw
at the EQ site looked as good as in game.I also dont know what class/race im gonna be yet
2 of my friends are frogs dont know bout the others. Is starting out in EQ hard or easy becuase ive
played AO and ive learned it quickly and played for about one year.Also is there any
specific server in EQ that n00bs can group in or any other low lvls can group in?
Is this game like SWG?(not an SWG fan).One last question how many servers are there?
I heard u need a good graphics card for EQ so can anyone tell me if my GeForce 4 is good enough.
Ive played DAoC and i was wondereing if this game was like wasnt really a fun game to me.

PS:just tried the tutorial is that anything like the actual game right now with all updates

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  • MyskMysk Member Posts: 982

    Screen shots:

    Make sure to notice which screen shots belong to which expansion, and then check if that expansion is in the Evolutions box.

    Those screens are pretty much what you'll get, although I do admit that I don't recall the color being quite as vibrant as they appear in one or two shots. Perhaps that was a result of the 3D card that I was using.

    GeForce 4 should be more than enough. Technicall, the only requirement is that your card supports DX 9 and meets the very small (what is it, 16 MBs?) on-board memory requirement.

    Starting class: Druid was always a newbie friendly class to play. However, I don't know what frogs offer.

    Starting EQ is pretty easy, not much to worry about there.

    Newbie servers? I heard mention of these at one point but someone else will need to give you specifics. Note, however, that you will want to start on the server that your friends are on, which may not be a "newbie server". It'll cost you $50 to move your character, unless they've changed that.

    Never played SWG.

    Several servers.

    Tutorial? I haven't touched that in years, I have no idea if they updated it to represent the actual game.


  • neschrianeschria Member UncommonPosts: 1,406

    I am running EQ with a GeForce 2, so your GeForce 4 is plenty.

    Evolution is a good buy. It does NOT contain Lost Dungeons of Norrath or Gates of Discord, the last two expansions. You'll have to buy those separately.  There's still plenty to do if you want to try it out before you invest in those expansions.

    There are a lot of servers-- over 40, I believe-- including several different PvP servers and a roleplaying server. Stromm is labeled (Newbie) server, but that actually means that when it was added, they didn't allow transfers from other servers, so everyone had to start new. It's not necessarily any better for newbies than any other server. Pick the server where you have friends if you want to play with them.

    The EQ world is divided into zones, which will have to load when you go through a zone line or entrance. Different zones are suitable for different level characters. Generally, the area outside your starting city is suitable for newbies.

    There aren't any restrictions to what classes/races can play together, and travel from one city to another is pretty much a matter of clicking a book or a stone (if you buy Evolutions, which contains Planes of Power), so you won't have any trouble meeting up with your friends. With that in mind, pick a class and race that appeals to you. There are 8 character slots per server, so you can try out several, if you'd like.

    If you want to be a frog like your friends, your class options will be Cleric, Shaman, Warrior, Paladin, or Wizard. A cleric is the primary healing class. The shaman is primarily a slowing/buffing class (i.e. they cast beneficial spells, and they cast spells that make monsters' attacks slower). The warrior is the classic non-magic-using fighter. The paladin is a cleric/warrior hybrid. The wizard can cast pretty powerful direct damage spells, and can also teleport.

    Starting is easier than it used to be. You don't lose any items or experience if you die under level 10. (Over that is a different story.) There are some newbie armor crafting quests that you can probably find by hailing NPCs around where you start. (To hail someone, click on them and press 'H'... This sends a greeting and starts a conversation with NPCs.) I do have one warning about the newbie armor quests-- the difficulty varies from race to race and class to class, and you may need the help of your friends to finish them.  Of course, it would be easier if your friends just bought you some cheap starter gear before they set you loose on the world. ;)

    The tutorial might teach you some basic commands, like how to move, but it really is nothing at all like the game anymore. Unless there has been a tutorial update I missed, it doesn't even have the same interface as the current game.

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