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Signatures with Images AND Links

cwilliams194cwilliams194 Member Posts: 18

Ok finally after much forum searching and trial and error, I finally got a Image Signature with a link.

I know that to some of you I may look a little "slow" for not knowing how to combine the two things, but I am new to the whole signature thing and since I wanted to know how to do it I'm sure there are others that would like to be able to do the same

to start out go to "Your Account Settings" and then the "Forums & Chat" page and finally,

here is the formula:

[url=the website you want to link to][img]the online location of your image signature[/img][/URL]

and your result should come out like my signature below



  • wishbone10wishbone10 Member Posts: 36
    DUDE WTF does it means when you say "the online location of your image signature"


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  • cwilliams194cwilliams194 Member Posts: 18
    The image you use has to be hosted somewhere on the internet, i can't be something in My Documents on your PC.


  • Chosen1Chosen1 Member UncommonPosts: 37
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