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SWG Pre-Cu vet looking to start casual guild on Florendyl

rollnstnsrollnstns Member Posts: 53

Howdy! First things first I play on the "Florendyl" Server.

In SWG I played on the Valcyn Server, back in the "Glory Days". I was 2nd in command on a guild called "Knights of the New Republic" (KNR). Our city was called New Avalon on Corellia outside of Coronet. I played a Wookiee Named Kkatalof.

Anyhow, Just exploring the possibility of starting a guild with like minded players who came to Vanguard in search of the same feeling that SWG brought. All other mature non/SWG players are welcome. Like I said this is in no way intended to be a hardcore only guild, just more of a casual laid back kind of guild. For the type of people who enjoy a good guild chat and helping people out when they need a hand.

So if you play on Florendyl, post here and we will see if we can't scare up a good guild.


  • EverithEverith Member CommonPosts: 482
    Hey i too am a pre-cu vet and i TOO am on florendyl. I'm a level 10 paladin at the moment but i made a Whol bunch of alts just in case a guild i found needed a particulaur class of character. My chars name is Everith lol. I won't be on untill like wednesday cause i work nights but drop me a line here or something i'd love to try and start something up. Also i'm gearing my Crafting towards Blacksmithing.


  • rollnstnsrollnstns Member Posts: 53

    Hey! Nice to meet ya! I play a lvl 10 Ranger. I picked a female toon, even thogh I'm a male. For a change of pace. Toons name is Loranatha.

    Pleasure to meet ya, I hope we can set something up!

    Add me to your frinds list and I will do the same, and we will see if we can't meet up!

  • AeronisAeronis Member Posts: 231

    The largest and best guild on Florendyl, full of mature and helpful people.

    A mix of casual and hardcore players.
  • bedolla3401bedolla3401 Member Posts: 293
    i played on chillastra jedi named 'Kal-El'
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