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Looking for a new Game

Ok, I'm a big fan of mmo but those last MMo suck. I prefere quality game play than graphic.

I Play a lots of them ( flyff, ryzom, AO, WOW etc.. ) and the only one i really play is AO becose i like the skill menu and the game experience.

But After a year, i want to test a new game. but i don t really know which one.

I Hate mmo like, kill a mob, sell the stuff go and kill anothere mob.

I need a game with some logic ( not a nobody give u a mission to destroy peter the rat in the sewer and come back. )

Any suggestion ?


  • JohnmedhJohnmedh Member Posts: 2
    well... the only one i can think of as roleplayer-friendly is everquest 2, though it still have the chest-swallowing deer and the lame kill a lot of squirrel quests...  you should give it a shot, i was stuck for one and a half year, but then something came up and i had to leave.. sure there is some kill peter the rat quests, but there is also many 'logic' quests and lots of beautiful surroundings in which one can give full expression for one's roleplaying-adiction

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  • RobindetRobindet Member Posts: 22
    You should also try EVE Online, it seems to be a great game with a really good community, although I couldn't test it. I read in a magazine that recently a real war occured in its universe. The most known, and the best, alliance of Space pirates declared war to a huge industrial corporation after they told they were the firsts to have crafted a titan. I will not explain all but I think you can find something on the officials forum of the game or in the forums.

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